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What are Ghost Graphics? (Police Ghost Vehicles)

Law enforcement Ghost Graphics (also referred to as Stealth Graphics) are low visibility graphics used to mark law enforcement vehicles.  The...

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Infographic: The Relative Advertising Value Of Vehicle Advertising

Depending on vehicle type and design, the cost of vehicle advertising varies. For instance, with long term vehicle wrap vinyl, putting logos and...

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Did You Take a Tax Deduction for Your Vehicle Wraps this Year?  It's not too late.

Tax Day, April 15, has come and gone this year.  Did you remember to deduct your vehicle wraps and graphics on your tax return this year?  Don't...

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Apple A Day Attracts New Customers With Delivery Fleet Graphics

Interview with Danielle LaRiviere - Owner of Apple-A-Day

One of the best things about the fleet wrap business is the variety of customers we work...

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2018 New Year's Resolutions for Vehicle Graphics

Happy New Year! 

After bidding farewell to 2017, it is the time to reflect on ourselves and make New Year's Resolutions. Like many organizations...

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Your Forecast: Upcoming Temperatures Can Compromise Your Vehicle Wraps

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5 Essential Factors for Successful Vehicle Wrap Design

The layout, color, and content make up the design of vehicle wraps and graphics. The combination and structure of these features form impressive...

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Think Differently About Your Business Vehicles to Beat the Competition


Albert Einstein is widely credited with saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting...

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10 Unwanted Consequences of Dirty Vehicle Wraps And Graphics

We shower and change our clothes everyday for personal hygiene and to stay at our best looks for our professions. The same applies to business...

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It's a Win/Win. Vehicle Wrap Advertising is both Noticed and Liked

Advertising is an important channel marketers use to connect with their targeted audiences. But truth be told, it is not an easy task to...

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You'll Never Guess What Vehicle Wraps & Shower Curtains Have in Common

Why the Heck are We Talking About Shower Curtains?

At first thought, you might think this article is about the materials that go into making...

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Vehicle Wraps You Can't "Unsee"

 Put the Right Idea Into the World

According to marketing guru Seth Godin:

"When you put the right idea into the world, people can't unsee it."

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The 7 Essentials Elements of Police Car Graphic Design


Vehicle wraps or graphics are being used by businesses to help distinguish their vehicles from the traffic crowd and to raise people's brand...

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Infographic: The Psychology Of Color for Vehicle Wraps Branding

Color, along with other factors including size, contrast, alignment, proximity, white space, makes up the hierarchy which visual information is...

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What Calls to Action are Most Effective on a Vehicle Wrap


call to action, also called a CTA for short, is a marketing term used in marketing, advertising and selling. It refers to any device...

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