Apple A Day Attracts New Customers With Delivery Fleet Graphics

by Deborah Scott on March 11, 2018

Interview with Danielle LaRiviere - Owner of Apple-A-Day

One of the best things about the fleet wrap business is the variety of customers we work with.  We are business enthusiasts at heart, always curious about different businesses and industries, why people choose them and how we can help create exceptional visual communications for them that get noticed and grow their businesses.  

We recently wrapped a healthy snack delivery van for Apple-A-Day owner Danielle LaRiviere.  Danielle generously agreed to a quick interview with us.  We think you'll enjoy learning about Apple-A-Day's business, their experience working with Riveting Wraps, and the importance of having great business vehicle  graphics.  

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1.) Tell us about Apple-A-Day.

Apple-A-Day is a local Seattle-based fruit delivery company. We deliver fresh Washington grown apples and seasonal fruits to businesses every week for their employees and/or customers. 




2.) When did you start your business and what made you want to start a business? 
Apple-A-Day was founded in 2009 by two Entrepreneurial sisters Danielle & Megan LaRiviere, both studying at Washington State UniversityThe idea came from their father who thought of it 10 years earlier. When the girls were old enough to realize their father's idea, they pursued his passion and created Apple-A-Day.
3.) With a business on wheels, you must move around a lot.  What area do you serve?
We are located in the heart of Seattle and service businesses all across Washington State. 

4.) How do you market and grow your business?  

To continue to grow our business, we focus a lot of time on our marketing efforts and outside sales. Our vehicle wrap gives us great brand recognition as well as new leads and clients! 

5.) Why did you choose to work with Riveting Wraps? 

Riveting Wraps wrapped our first vehicle back in 2014.  They helped us with our design, offered amazing customer service, and did a beautiful job producing and installing our Ford Transit Connect Wrap.  As we have grown, Riveting Wraps has always been there for us.  Every time we add a new vehicle to the fleet we just give them a call and they take care of everything from there. 

6.) Describe your experience working with Riveting Wraps.

Riveting Wraps worked alongside us helping with each step of our vehicle wrap. Having 5 people at Apple-A-Day share their input as to what the design should look like was quite overwhelming, but the Riveting Wraps team helped us get to the bottom of what we really wanted. The wrap was finished very quickly after we finalized design. That was extremely helpful for our deliveries.

Years and many vehicles later, that design is still turning heads, putting smiles on faces, and bringing in new business!  Riveting Wraps continues to provide exceptional service and is looking out for our interests.  After a recent fender bender, Riveting Wraps help us manage the wrap replacement on the repaired vehicle.  We trust them to make sure everything turns out great. 

7.) Would you recommend Riveting Wraps to others?

 I already have!

Since our vehicle has been wrapped, we have received several comments from people seeing us on the road as well as gained new business based purely from the wrap. People call us saying they saw our van, visited our website and want our service! 

9.) How can interested readers find out more about your business?

Visit us on the web -!

Thank you Danielle for the great interview.  We really enjoyed working with you and the Apple-A-Day team with all your fleet wraps.  Everyone should consider offering healthy snack options to support a happy and healthy workplace.

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