Are Vehicle Wrap Repairs Covered by Insurance?

by Deborah Scott on April 9, 2017

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It's Always Nice When Someone Else Picks Up the Bill!

We often replace vehicle wraps and graphics for our clients who have the unfortunate event of an accident.  They know that insuring their fleet wraps is an important part of protecting their business, today and tomorrow. 

Don't Assume that Your Vehicle Wrap is Automatically Covered

Insuring a vehicle wrap may require specific attention.  Many insurance companies treat vehicle wraps differently than paint because it involves adding something new to the vehicle.  Different insurance agencies use different terms to categorize coverage of vehicle wraps and graphics.  Some refer to them a modifications, others as accessories or customization.  Consult with your insurance agent to determine the right level of coverage for your fleet wraps. 

Review Your Coverage Before Wrapping Your Vehicle

Even with the most careful drivers, accidents do happen.  If you plan on wrapping your vehicle keep in mind this it's a long term investment in marketing for your business.  Your wrap will be on your vehicle for 5-10 years.  Below are recommendations made by Value Penguin for insuring vehicle modifications (including vehicle wraps & graphics)

  • Review your existing policy to understand coverage exclusions and exceptions.
  • Consult with your insurer. Let your agent know if you plan to make changes to your vehicle at any time before or during the policy term.
  • Ask for clarifications in writing. Your insurer is obligated to honor whatever its agent promises you in writing.
  • Don’t hide a customization from your insurer. You will only be paid for the vehicle based on its original amount unless customization are disclosed and covered.  Even worse, your insurer may cancel/void your policy and deny the claim because you didn’t disclose the customization, which can be considered a “material misrepresentation” for which they can legally drop you – leaving you on the hook for paying the loss out of your own pocket.
  • Consider cost and risk factors carefully. Even if your insurer covers your modifications, this may result in a higher annual increase in your premiums.

Insure for Replacement Value

When including your vehicle wraps on your insurance policy, make sure you list them on your insurance policy for their replacement  value.

Your Vehicle Can Look New Again

what if my vehicle wrap or graphic is damanged Riveting Wraps Seattle Bellevue WA-1.jpgThe best new is that once your vehicle is repaired, the portion of your wrap that was damaged can be replaced.  Your vehicle can look like new again.  Vinyl wraps can be removed from any vehicle. That said, how easy those graphics are to remove will depend on the quality and type of vinyl used. We recommend using only premium brand name vinyls (like 3M or Avery) formulated specifically for vehicle wraps and graphics.  Economy, off brand, or calendered sign making vinyls may be difficult to remove and potentially damage the paint on your vehicle.

Check out our 5 Easy Steps for Repairing Damaged Vehicle Wraps and Graphics to get your wrapped vehicles back on the road again.

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