Are You Following the 4C's of Fleet Graphics Management

by Yuki Chan on May 8, 2017

Fleet managers have A LOT on their plates. Their responsibilities include fleet operation arrangement, scheduling drivers, fleet maintenance, budget control, vehicle procurement, etc.. A business' capability to deliver goods in a timely manner and to provide services to customers professionally and punctually strongly relies on fleet managers. As a professional vehicle wraps and graphics studio, it is Riveting Wraps' mission to offer help in fleet graphics management to ease off fleet managers' burdens. The best rule of thumb to manage fleet wraps and graphics is based on 4C's: content, consistency, condition, and communication

Content On Fleet Graphics

cleaning and restoration services Ford Transit Van grahics Riveting Wraps Bellevue Seattle WA.jpgAre the contents and information on the vehicle wraps and graphics still relevant and valid? 

After a rebranding/change in business address/change in contact information/end of marketing campaign, fleet managers should see to that their fleet gets new wraps and graphics. This might sound like a marketing manager's job. However, no one knows the business' fleet as well as fleet managers do. Fleet advertising is an important value a fleet adds to the business. In addition, fleet managers should check on traffic codes and state regulations on commercial vehicle graphics. There are law required information about the vehicle that must be stated on the vehicle body. Here is the newest Washington Commercial Vehicle Guide. Click to learn about the must have information on vehicle graphics.

Consistent Fleet Advertisement Messages 

Riveting_Wraps_national_franchise_fleet_graphics.jpgDo the fleet vehicle graphics consistently present a coherent message? 

It is normal and fine for a fleet to be dressed with different designs of wraps and graphics. Depending on the vehicle model, the vehicle's purpose, and the marketing campaign the vehicle promotes, adaptations have to be made to the vehicle wrap design. Even so, it is important that these different versions of wraps and graphics deliver a coherent and uncontradictable impression of that very same brand they endorse for. Consistency and repetition are crucial for effective advertisements. 

Condition Of The Vehicle And Its Graphics

2_riveting_wraps_rebranding_process_vehicle_wraps_Bellevue_wa.jpgIs the condition of the fleet vehicle and its graphics pristine?

Regular cleaning is a part of fleet maintenance (check out this spring cleaning checklist!). It is essential for fleet vehicles and its wraps or graphics to stay at its best shape. This is because their condition is a direct reflection of the brand they are representing. Here is a convincing article about why you should keep your fleet vehicles clean. Your business and brand deserve the best impression in customers' eyes, do not hesitate to replace damaged or deteriorated vehicle wraps and graphics that no longer add positive values. 

Effective Communication With All Parties

Apple a Day Ford E-150 vehicle graphics Riveting Wraps 5.jpgDo you frequently communicate with the Marketing department and brief your own department's members about the fleet wraps and graphics?

Poor communication is the reason to failure and ineffectiveness for many things including projects, management, and cooperation. That makes communication a critical factor in fleet graphics management. Fleet managers need to collaborate with Marketing team to execute their new advertising campaigns, redesign fleet graphics, and to report their replacement needs to them. Marketing also requires valuable data from fleet managers to track the effectiveness of their campaigns and to design successful promotion plans.

Drivers, service crew members, and other team members that work under the fleet manager are internal customers of the fleet wraps and graphics. Seeing and working with the vehicle everyday, and possibly even the care taker of it, fleet managers should acknowledge them about the details of the fleet wraps and graphics. Wouldn't it be nice to have more sets of eyes to audit the content, consistency, and condition of the fleet's graphics?

Managing Fleet Graphics At Ease

From time to time, vehicle wraps and graphics should be reviewed to decide whether or not they are still powerful visual communications. With the use of high quality materials, value-reinforcing production methods, professional installation skills, and meticulous attention to details, Riveting Wraps ensures fleet managers to have one less thing to worry about. Visit our Portfolio to see more of our work!

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