Build BIG Brand Recognition with BIG Vehicle Logo Signage

by Tori Justino on February 5, 2020

Brand_RecognitionWhen it comes to vehicle branding, bigger is often better! By going large with their vehicle logo graphics companies can gain greater value from their marketing investment. While this may seem a simple concept, it requires restraint to achieve for even experienced marketers. Understanding your objective, audience, and the nature of vehicle graphics is key in crafting a profitable vehicle wrap. In this article we will take an in depth look into this approach and how you can gain the rewards by putting it into action for your business.

Ford Transit Wrap Featuring Large Logo Graphic for Remodeling FirmAchieve Brand & Name Recognition with Your Vehicle Wrap

Commercial vehicle graphics fulfill a range of marketing objectives, from meeting regulations to brand promotion. The key to generating results is understanding your primary objective. For building recognition for your brand the big logo approach is king. A prominent vehicle logo graphic puts your name and image in the spotlight. This focuses the viewers attention on the company name and image to make the most of every impression to increase recognition and drive consumer confidence. From name recognition to product promotion, use our guidelines for successful wrap designs.

Nissan NV Van Featuring a Large Logo GraphicSee Your Vehicle Graphics Through a Customer's Eyes

Understanding your audience is a key ingredient to any successful marketing endeavor. For custom vehicle graphics it is important to remember that they will be seeing you on the roads, often at high speeds and from a distance. This makes vehicle wraps more like a billboard, where bold imagery and clear design provide the highest return. If your objective is recognition than a big bold logo is going to perform much higher than a busy design with lots of text. Keep it simple! One of our fan favorite wrap designs for remodeling firm Archer Smith use a large logo and nothing else for a confident look that's all about the brand.

Toyota Tacoma Wrap Featuring Large Logo Icon GraphicAchieve More With Less On Your Vehicle Wrap

Bigger may be better for your logo, but less is more when it comes to text. Vehicle graphics perform best when supported by other marketing medias; such as a well built company website. Beyond expanding your reach, this approach allows the company vehicle wrap to be most effective in achieving its objective. Wrap designs with long bulleted lists, multiple phone numbers, and other elements pull attention away from the company logo. With a strong website behind it, the wrap can easily forgo these distractions and keep the viewers attention on what matters most - the company logo.

Go Big With Bold Vehicle Graphics

From original designs to working with a marketing team, Riveting Wraps offers full service custom vehicle graphics. As your partner in vehicle graphics we can provide custom vehicle graphic design, professional fabrication services, and certified vehicle graphics installation.
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