Can My Damaged Vehicle Wrap or Graphic be Repaired?

by McKinley McGinn on March 21, 2017

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Can Vehicle Wraps be Repaired After Damage from an Accident or Wreck?

Good news!

Yes, your vehicle wrap or graphics can be repaired and replaced after your vehicle has been in an accident.  Even better, you don't have to replace the graphics on the entire vehicle.  You only need to replace the graphics on the vehicle panel that is being repaired.  When done correctly, no one will be able to tell there was ever any damage.

Even with good drivers accidents happen.  According to this Forbes Article titled How Many Times Will You Crash Your Car?

"Over the course of a typical long, driving lifetime, you should have a total of three to four accidents."

Let's all knock on wood that we can defy those odds.  

As inconvenient as it can be to have a vehicle out of service, if you operate a fleet of one or more vehicles, it is likely to happen at some point so it is good to be prepared.  

what if my vehicle wrap or graphic is damanged Riveting Wraps Seattle Bellevue WA.jpgWe regularly repair vehicle graphics or wraps on vehicles that have been in an accident or fender bender.  The most common replacements are on bumpers and front or rear quarter panels.  Once the bumper or panel is replaced, a new wrap can be installed on the new panel.  

Learn more about how to successfully navigate theprocess of your repairng your damanged graphics by following these 5 easy steps.


Quality Only Begins with the Right Materials

New Call-to-actionVehicle wrap companies have learned that many buyers think using the right materials is the only important criteria to evaluate a quality wrap.  And it certainly is an important criteria. But how the material is printed, handled and installed (and sometimes replaced) are equally important.  Learn more about getting a high quality wrap.

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