Vehicle Wrap Design Adds Value Faster Than it Adds Costs.

by Deborah Scott on October 17, 2019

5-Dimensional design - unlike any other type of advertising, that's what you get with a vehicle wrap. The front, the driver side, the passenger side, the roof, and the rear, these five sides of a vehicle make it possible to present a 5-dimensional advertisement. Not just that! As an impressive visual communication where creativity is the key to its effectiveness, vehicle advertising also fulfills the five dimensions of creative media advertising - Originality, Flexibility, Elaboration, Synthesis, and Artistic Value. The creation of vehicle wraps and graphics incorporates these five qualities on all its sides to maximize attraction to audiences.

Vehicle Wraps As Creative Advertising

“Nothing is more efficient than creative advertising. Creative advertising is more memorable, longer lasting, works with less media spending, and builds a fan community…faster.”

- Stephan Vogel, Ogilvy & Mather Germany's Chief Creative Officer

Vehicle wraps and graphics are creative advertising. Its qualities and performances align with Vogel's definition on creative advertising: 

  • Memorable: A research by the RYP & Becker Group discovered that 97% of their survey respondents can recall truck ads.
  • Long Lasting: A vehicle wrap can last 4-10 years with the proper care and maintenance.
  • Less Media Spending: In comparison with other advertising media (such as television, newspaper, magazine, radio, and outdoor ads), vehicle wraps and fleet graphics cost the least for a thousand impressions and yield the most impressions per dollar. 
  • Community Building: serve community 

The Five Creative Dimensions Of Vehicle Wraps


A design that is rare and surprising is one of the primary factors in break-through and memorability in advertising. Sometimes it takes guts to be willing to stand out from the crowd. If you do it in a positive and surprising way, your wrap design will pay dividends (in the form of new customers) for years to come.


Flexibility means your design links your product and branding to ideas that will benefit  your viewer. Of course not every person that sees your vehicle is in the market for your products or services, but you want to use flexibility to make those connections for those who are. 


Elaboration can be either visual or text based. For products and services targeted to consumers a carpet cleaning company can depict a baby crawling on a clean carpet to elaborate the benefits of a clean carpet. For a commercial carpet cleaning company, they will often choose to elaborate on the benefits of their services with a few concise bullet points for those looking for additional information.


Synthesis often combines unrelated objects or visual to tell a story.  This is a tricky bit of advertising that typically works best in video, print or web based adds. Because you've only got a few seconds to engage a view with a vehicle wrap, we recommend caution in the use of synthesis.  For vehicle wraps, you don't want to make the viewer work to "get it". They are not likely to give you that level of time and attention.

Artistic Value

And of course the grand daddy of them all, artistic value. You want to attract the viewer and pull them in. The right choice of colors, fonts, design layout, imagery work in harmony to create a compelling "impression". Throwing your brand up in someone's face is never going to result in time and attention a well designed vehicle wrap will. 

Interested in learning more about Creative Advertising - When it Works and When it Doesn't? Then check out this helpful article by Warner Reinartz and Peter Saffert. 


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