2 Expert Sources on How to Care for Your Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

by Deborah Scott on July 31, 2017

Caring for Your Vehicle Wrap Investment

Caring-For-Your-Vehicle-Wraps-and-Graphics 2.jpgOnce you've made the investment in wrapping or applying graphics to your vehicle you need to clean and maintain them. See top 4 benefits of properly caring for your wraps or graphics below:

  1. Properly cleaning your graphics helps maintain a high quality appearance of your graphics that will create a quality representation of your brand and business
  2. Properly cleaning your graphics prolongs the life of your graphics - protecting it from UV damage, and environmental pollutants like smog and particulates in the atmosphere that can accumulate on the graphics, as well as sap, tar, gas or oils.
  3. Your wrapped vehicle now represents your brand.  If you don't care enough to clean your company vehicle and graphics, what will your customers expect from your business or service?
  4. Point #3 (times 1,000,000,000) for vehicles connected with the food, beverage, personal care, cleaning and health services industries.  Cleanliness of vehicle graphics broadcasts a lot to potential customers about the cleanliness of your products and services - or the opposite in the case of dirty or poorly maintained vehicle graphics.

We often see wraps that are not cared for properly (or cared for at all) - even when the wraps are being used to advertise a business. Don't let this be you or your business. 

We want to make it easy for you.  Below are links to the most authoritative sources on caring for your vehicle wraps and graphics from - you guessed it - the companies that manufacture the vehicle wrapping vinyls.


3MlogoRMS3M is a fortune 500 company with specialization in vehicle wrapping vinyl.  They are the market leader in vehicle graphics media and technology.  If your vehicle was wrapped with 3M Premium Cast Vinyl and Cast Laminate click through to the care guide below.  

3M - Caring for Your Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

Avery Dennison

ADlogoRMSAvery Dennison is another large leader in vehicle wrap vinyl - like 3M, investing in research and development to formulate the best products.  If your vehicle was wrapped with Avery Dennison cast vinyl and laminated with an Avery cast vinyl laminate check out their care guide by clicking through to their site below.

Care and Maintenance For Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

Make it Easy - Do it Right

Cleaning and maintaining your graphics is easy.  We recommend building a regular cleaning schedule right into your operating procedures or vehicle maintenance plan.  That way it is never forgotten or overlooked.

Not sure what type of graphics your vehicles have been wrapped with - don't worry - the care guides across all brands are very similar.  To protect your warranty on your graphics we recommend adopting the most gentle care and maintenance plan.

A Final Word of Caution

While some of these guides suggest that certain automatic car washes or pressure washes are OK for your graphics, be certain that you are in line with their recommendations.  If a car wash attendant accidentally adjusts the car wash to the wrong setting it can really damage your graphics.  You may not even notice the damage until you've already driven away.  The same is true for a pressure washer inadvertently set to the wrong pressure setting.  So use care and protect your investment.

Learn More

Quality Only Begins with the Right Materials.  When purchasing your wraps or graphics you took care to find the right company with the skills, service and quality to make your vehicle look great.  Protect your investment with proper care of your graphics.

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Uncared for wraps and graphics have a very steep price.  Get the straight facts on vehicle wrapping, contact Riveting Wraps at (425) 368-5007 or email us at hello@rivetingwraps.com. 



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