Why Rear Window Graphics Reinforce Advertisement Messages

by Yuki Chan on June 2, 2019


The rear window is a vehicle's largest window where vehicle graphics can be placed - both safely and legally. It is a vehicle wraps studio's obligation to ensure their clients' rear window graphics are in compliance with state laws and not an obstruction to safe driving. Graphics on vehicle rear windows are frequently adopted by businesses to their fleets as they are impressive and effective visual communications that take a brand's vehicle marketing effort to the next level. Attractive design with vibrant colors and convincing contents are human efforts that make a rear window advertisement effective. However, rear window decals are successful in capturing audiences not just because of that. There are other environmental, behavioral, and psychological factors that support rear window advertisement's effectiveness.

Environmental: U.S. Commuters Spend A Lot Of Time In Traffic

Major Cities Yearly Delay Per Auto Commuter

According to research, approximately 86% of American workers travel by car everyday. And traffic jam has caused commuters to be stuck in traffic for an average of 54 hours per year. That figure is different for different cities. For example, in Seattle, the yearly delay per auto commuter is 78 hours, but as for Los Angeles, their commuter spends 119 hours in traffic a year.

Being stuck in traffic means that drivers will have a boring time staring at the vehicle in front of them, eagerly waiting for the car to move. Imagine if the previous vehicle has rear window graphics, it will be inevitable for the driver that follow after to notice that. Traffic jam benefits smart businesses who have adopted vehicle graphics at their fleet's rear windows. Click to learn more about what drivers think during their commute

Behavioral: Forward Parking Is The Most Common Way People Park

Riveting_Wraps_Jeep_Patriot_Wrap_San_Diego_CA.jpgA survey has discovered that 76% of U.S. drivers most frequently park their vehicles by forward parking. This parking method leaves the rear of the vehicle facing the side of the road where passersby and drivers will most likely pass through. Thus, rear window advertisements gain the advantage to promote the business and enhance its brand awareness. 

Psychological: Audience Memory The Strongest At The Beginning And The End

audience_memory_curve_riveting_wraps_bellevue_wa.jpgThe Audience Memory Curve on Mary Munter's Guide to Managerial Communication mentioned that audiences have a stronger memory of the beginning and the end of a message. Vehicle advertisements' function is to relay a business/brand's message to their customers. Vivid and meaningful graphics on both the vehicle's hood and rear are commonly seen in vehicle graphics projects' design proofs. However, graphics installed on the vehicle's rear window will get more views than the ones installed on the hood. This is because vehicle hoods are horizontal while rear windows are mostly vertical or tilted. The rear window's structure aligns the vehicle advertisement right at the viewers' eye levels. In addition, the vehicle rear window advertisement reinforces the main promotion message to its audiences.

Powerful Vehicle Rear Window Advertisement

Bolster your fleet's advertising power with rear window graphics! See more rear window perfs and decals in Riveting Wraps' Portfolio. 

New Call-to-actionVehicle window advertisement opens up windows of opportunities for your brand and stimulate business growth. Give Riveting Wraps a call at (425) 368-5007 or email us at hello@rivetingwraps.com to discuss how we can make that happen!

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