Fleet Graphics Strategies That Work

by Deborah Scott on October 25, 2017

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If I told you fleet wraps and graphics are a vital part of a company’s marketing strategy, your response would probably be “Duh. Thanks for that brilliant insight.” 

That’s because you already know how important it is to get your brand and message out in front of your target customers. You understand that advertising your business is important.  But what's not always clear is how much information to include, how present the right information to engage your target audience, what is the right level of investment in your graphics, and why well maintained graphics are important.

Your strategy will depend on your goals for your fleet advertising and your target audience. But there’s one rule that holds true no matter what: Branding consistency is key.

Why Focus on Consistency?

Riveting_Wraps_national_business_fleet_graphics.jpgIf you’re not consistent, you’re not taking advantage of all the opportunities you have to connect with your audience. Creating unique graphics for each vehicle type or for each specialty service you offer might be tempting, but they will fragment your branding and decrease the number of potential impression that help cement your brand in a potential customer's mind. To do that, you need to be consistent. It’s that simple.

What’s not so simple is breaking down the details necessary to deliver not just any vehicle advertising consistently, but fleet wraps that meet your objectives to attract customers to your brand.

National_Fleet_Graphics_Riveting_Wraps_Bellevue_WA.jpgWith consistent, engaging branding across all your fleet vehicles, you can influence your audiences’ buying journey and position your brand to be top-of-mind when they need a trusted resources

If you want to get started with effective vehicle wraps strategy now, here are five essential tips.

How to Create a Strategy That Works

1) Develop Clear Consistent Branding.

A brand is so much more than a single logo.  It represents every possible encounter a current or prospective customer has with your business. 

Visually it might include your logo, name, fonts, colors, and style.  These visual points of content should be executed consistently across your website, business cards, sales materials, advertising, uniforms (if you have them) signs and displays, and of course your fleet graphics.   

Your brand also represents products or services within a specific category.  Starbucks is an internationally recognized coffee brand, but it is also the brand of a Seattle area towing company.  The associations of one Starbucks brand are unlikely to be confused with those of the other.  You want to create clear, unambiguous connections between your visual brand, name and area of business.

Finally, your brand has a voice and personality.  Whether you choose it or not, your choice of words, your tagline, even how your employees interact with customers on the phone or in person, work together to build an expectation people have for their relationship with your brand and business.  While not highly desirable, generic and boring, are personality characteristics.  Consciously choose and express your business with a defined personality.

What you should take away from all this is that you've already got a lot to go on when you create your fleet wraps or graphics.  Even if you are in the process of "re-branding" visually, you want to retain all the positive characteristics of your brand and incorporate them into your fleet advertising design.


2) Have a Clear Communication Heirachy.

Like a great bill board or print ad, it is essential that you have a clear strategic heirachy to direct the design. There is an old saying in advertising:

"If everything is equally important, then nothing is important."

Fleet graphics, like great advertising, require trade offs and discipline to be effective.  Here are a few tips to help you prioritize the key elements in your wrap design.

  1. Ignore all text in your design and ask yourself "Is this something that would catch my attention?  Do I want to look at it and explore more?"
  2. Decide what is the single most important idea you want someone to remember after seeing your graphics
  3. Almost no one is as interested in your business as you are, so make it easy and interesting for them to digest and remember
  4. People are hardwired to notice colors, contrast and large shapes
  5. Reading is work.  People prefer to minimize work.
  6. Empty space, often referred to in design as negative space, helps a viewer synthesize, prioritize and make sense of information 
  7. If you offer multiple products or services, list only your most popular, profitable or strategic services.  This keeps lists short and helps you attract the best customers for your business.

3) Brand Consistently Across All Vehicles.

Riveting_Wraps_national_franchise_fleet_graphics.jpgOf course all your fleet vehicles are not identical.  You may even have different types of fleet vehicles specialized for unique services or functions. 

We recommend that you don't let this detract from your overall business communication strategy.  Any type of vehicle can carry your broad branded messaging.  A unique vehicle should not throw you off your primary communication strategy.  See how Fast Water Heater and Precision Door Services and Backflows Northwest  manage their graphics across fleet vehicles.  In all cases, the overall branding has remain unchanged.  However, there are small changes that speak to the specific division or service that vehicle provides.

4) Choose the Right Level of Investment in Fleet Graphics for Positive ROI

Every business has different financial objectives.  Choosing the level of wrap or graphics for your fleet should fit in with your overall financial plan. 

Every vehicle wrap website you look at will tell you how affordable vehicle graphics are compared to any other type of traditional advertising.  And it is true!  But that doesn't help you decide if you should be logos on your doors or wrap your entire vehicle.  It all depends on your business.

It you understand the expected value of a new customer for your business, there is easy math you can do to see if it is worth investing more in your graphics to attract additional customers.  See Easy Math to Determine if Vehicle Graphics are Right for Your Business.  This same financial model can help you make a decision about wrapping your entire fleet.  

5) Manage Your Impressions

Every impression matters.

On the road, your vehicles are the face of your business.  Keep your vehicles clean and graphics well maintained.  What you might see only as a functional service vehicle is actually a important impression of your brand to potential customers.  Like all professional courtesy, looking sharp is part of earning trust.  Poorly maintained graphics can actually damage your brand - so look sharp!

Finally, drive nicely!  Nice, friendly, safe drivers project those same qualities about your company.


More Resources

Interested in learning more about optimizing your fleet wrap designs?  Lessons from Goldilocks  can point you in the right direction to fleet wraps that are "just right".

Ready to get started with your own attention grabbing vehicle wrap advertising?  

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