Forget Cold Call Marketing: Let Vehicle Graphics do the Talking

by Deborah Scott on May 9, 2017

Nobody Really Likes Cold Calls

If you are like us, you get cold calls from suppliers and service providers all the time.  50 years ago, cold calls were one of the best ways to identify new leads for your business.  But times have changed and there are new, more respectful and economical options to let people know about your business.

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Interruptions used to be a key element in marketing.  Disruptive marketing was the way to announce your product and influence behaviors.  Television advertisements interrupted your entertainment.  Cold calls interrupted your dinner or work.  Times have changed and people in every function have become less tolerant of interruptions.  In fact, many people today view cold calls as a negative, even disrespectful activity.  This 2015 Forbs article "Scripting Cold Calls is a Bad Idea" makes it pretty clear that this scripted activity is not worth your time.  Or check out this Kelly Center Research Report  "Has Cold Calling Gone Cold?" that quantifies how cold calling can work, but there are a lot of rejections and dead ends along the way.

Vehicle Wraps and Graphics Introduce you to Prospects in a Positive Way

1.  Not Disruptive

Apple a Day Ford E-150 vehicle graphics Riveting Wraps 5.jpgVehicle graphics are not disruptive to someones current activity.  As multi-taskers, we are happen to take in new information while still safely traveling to our destination.


2.  Welcome Items of Interest

2_Contractor_Services_Fleet_Box_Truck_Graphics_Riveting_Wraps_Seattle_WA.jpgPeople are typically bored in their daily commute and are looking for points of interest to take in.  A well design vehicle wrap provides some stimulating eye candy that a viewer welcomes rather than resists.  With all the generic red, blue, white and silver vehicles on the road, we experience a bit of delight when we see a color that stands out.  These are positive associations to connect with your brand.

3. Respectful of your Time and Attention

vinyl_graphics_for_cars_Riveting_Wraps_Bellevue_Redmond_Seattle.jpgVehicle graphics are not disruptive to your current activity.  We don't have to stop driving each time we see a wrapped vehicle on the road.  As multi-taskers, we are happen to take in new information while still safely traveling to our destination.

4. Don't Create Awkward Moments

 Fiat vehicle graphics installation for Wrapify & Zip Car Riveting Wraps Seattle, WA.jpgNo one wants to be rude.  But it can be difficult to dislodge that particularly aggressive cold caller.  These feelings can create a negative association with the business or brand represented in the cold call.  With vehicle graphics, if you are not in the market for the products or services featured on the vehicle, you can choose to not pay attention.  (But to be fair, you would have had to pay attention in order to make that assessment. ;-) )There are zero bad feelings created between the viewer and the company represented by the graphics.  In fact, there may be another occasion when the same viewer sees the same graphics again, only to find that they are now in the market for those products or services.

There's More to a Quality Vehicle Wraps than the Right Materials

New Call-to-actionCustom vinyl vehicle graphics may not seal the deal with your prospective customer.  But they are a great introduction to your business.  And we all know familiarity breeds liking.  So take this opportunity to be known and liked by your next customer before you even exchange a real handshake.

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