4 Ways to Avoid Damaging Your Brand with Vehicle Graphics

by Yuki Chan on July 7, 2016


Adding vehicle wraps or graphics to your fleet is an investment to enhance people's awareness towards the advertised brand and ultimately to convert them into leads and customers. To achieve this purpose, the design and quality of the wraps or graphics play an extremely important role. The following are four scenarios can easily negate the effectiveness of any vehicle advertisement and even damage perceptions about the brand or business

1) Fading Or Damaged Vehicle Graphics

The objective of a vehicle graphics is to create a favorable lasting impression of your brand and key message.  Your vinyl graphics represent your brand to EVERYONE who sees them.  The graphics should be legible and remain in a presentable quality at all times.  When left on a vehicle beyond the warranty period, graphics can start fading, cracking, and wearing off.  Even when laminated, to extend the visual quality of the graphics, the material is not designed to last forever.

It is easy to understand how this happens. 

  • Slow change is hard to recognize
    Vehicle wraps and graphics, when created with the proper material, look great well beyond their warranty period.  But the quality loss happens very, very slowly.   It is hard to recognize.  If you had a time lapsed video of the same vehicle graphic of over a 10 year period, it would be obvious.  But when something changes very very slowly it is hard to see the progressive changes.
  • Updating and replacing graphics costs money
    No question it costs money to wrap your vehicles.  So it is easy to keep putting off that investment and think to yourself, "It looks good enough for this year I'll update my graphics later."  
  • Nobody wants a vehicle out of service
    It is not convenient to plan and schedule graphics removal and updates.  It requires making challenging decisions about updating your design and scheduling your vehicle for vinyl graphics removal and installation.
When viewed from a daily operational perspective, these are all very valid reasons to put off updating your graphics.  But it comes at a big price for your business.  Not only are you missing the opportunity to present a crisp clean high quality image of your business, you may actually be presenting an impression of your business that appears unprofessional, uncaring, and inattentive to detail.   It can literally hurt your business.

And missing some letters or numbers from your URL, name or telephone number adds up to a huge missed opportunity for customers to find you.

2) Too Much Information To Process

There's no guarantee about the amount of time people spend looking at a vehicle advertisement. The industry assumption is that you've got 2-5 seconds with any given viewer.  Think of it this way...  either you are moving, or if you are parked, they are moving.  Especially for other drivers who are on the go, they might just give your vehicle a quick glance. You've got SECONDS to convey brief, but important information.   And that is sufficient enough to create an impression.  DO NOT put too much information on your vehicle. It is confusing and misleading and it might cause people to overlook the most important message that you want to deliver. On the flip side, too little information results in low or even no impact to viewers if they are not familiar with your brand. See this blog post about the MUST HAVE information on vehicle wraps.

3) Wrong Or Outdated Information

Even small details add up, not to mention the important parts, such as your phone number, your website, and even your brand name. If you rebranded or changed any of your key information, update it on all your signage, including your vehicle graphics that travel around the city and are seen by thousands of people every day. Do not let your vehicle marketing effort be wasted by such easily avoidable mistake.  It is like clicking on a "broken link" on a website that goes nowhere.

In addition, if you expanded your commercial fleet and install newly designed graphics, remember to update the you pre-existing vehicles to present consistent branding. Your new graphics should be an improved version that is designed to be more effective than the previous one. 

And it is worth mentioning again, missing some letters or numbers from your URL, name or telephone number adds up to a huge missed opportunity for customers to find you.

4) Poorly Designed Graphics

Everyone enjoys looking at something visually appealing or entertaining. The reason why vehicle marketing works well is because it stands out from the plain, monotonous vehicles we see on the road everyday. Yes, it is certain that you gain people's attention, but also make sure you are creating the right associations with your brand.  This has something to do with the design of the vehicle graphics, its color, the size and resolution of the graphics, the contents, etc..  For instance, a dark color without offsetting contrast might camouflage your vehicle, making it blend in. But on the opposite side, a color that is too bright might be too dazzling or glaring and may not fit your brand. It is important to select colors that earn attention and align with your brand.

Finally, legibility is critically important.  Make sure your text is created using a font and size that can be seen from a distance - while in motion.  The same is true for the resolution quality and images presented on the vehicle. 

Make It Right The First Time

New Call-to-actionDesigning, producing, and installing vehicle wraps is a BIG project. It requires prudent decision making and close cooperation between the brand, designers, the wrap producer, and the installer. However, the rewards are satisfying and it can last for the many years. The common fatal mistake that happens with the four types of wraps or graphics described above is that they all failed to PROFESSIONALLY and ACCURATELY act as the brand representative. 

These vehicle wrap branding failures can come with a very steep price.  And these problems are compounded every day your vehicles are on the road.  If you already have one of the situations described above, control the damage ASAP. For more professional advice on vehicle wrapping, contact Riveting Wraps at (425) 368-5007 or email us at hello@rivetingwraps.com. 

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