GoldiLocks & The Three Truck Logo Graphics: Find What Fits You Best

by Tori Justino on March 10, 2020

Three Bears Graphic Represent the Three Graphic OptionsWhen it comes to selecting custom truck logo graphics for your fleet there are three common approaches to consider. While these options are about the graphic size, they also relate to your project objectives. Understanding these differences will assist you in building a well branded truck fleet that benefits your company. Look like a pro in your business by selecting the approach that fits your objectives just right;

#1) Big Logo Decals For Truck FleetsToyota Tundra Largo Logo Graphics for Roofing Company in Redmond, WA

Going large with your truck logo graphics really makes an impact. On crew cab trucks your logo design can span both doors, or even extend to the truck bed. Large truck logo graphics can be displayed at an angle or along the bodylines of the vehicle depending on your design and preference. For companies with a symbol in their logo, this option can also include enlarging the icon separate from the text for a bold visual pop.

Who does this approach fit just right? Companies who want to build brand recognition and make a big impression without investing in a full wrap.

Large logo graphics span both doors on this hardscaping company truck.This approach is effective for building brand recognition, fulfilling marketing objectives, and vehicle identification. Due to the larger size this approach can provide you with greater marketing benefits.

#2) Standard Logo Decals for Truck FleetsA standard logo on the front door works for this construction company truck fleet by Riveting Wraps

The most common truck door graphic project includes a logo and some lettering placed on the front truck door and tailgate. Don't let the word standard dissuade you though! This approach is common for a reason as it is very versatile and cost effective. Most truck models can use the same size graphics and placement which makes the process easier and faster for fleet managers.

Who does this approach fit just right? Companies who want to identify their fleet vehicles in a clear and cost-effective way.

This approach can assist in building brand recognition, however identification is the primary objective. With standard truck logo decals typically no vehicle manufacturers' emblems have to be removed. This along with the possible standardization of graphic sizes can lead to faster install scheduling benefits.

#3) Small Logo Decals for Truck Fleets

A small logo approach is the perfect fit for this commercial coatings company in Bellevue, WA.A less traditional approach for fleet logo graphics is going small in size. From small logos, to logo marks or basic truck lettering, this option takes a minimalist approach to truck logo graphics. When done well small truck logo graphics give a sophisticated and confident look. Small logo graphics for trucks provide identification and a subtle look that suits certain companies and positions well.

Who does this approach fit just right? Business owners, sales associates, and companies with a sophisticated brand approach all benefit from small fleet logos.

This approach is a quieter option for vehicle graphics. The smaller size brings a certain appeal but is primarily for identification purposes. Standardizing graphic sizes and relatively fast install times are also a benefit of this option.

Fleet Graphics by Riveting WrapsThe Right Fit For Your Business Fleet Graphics

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Just like your fleet graphics, selecting a provider that's the right fit is also important. At Riveting Wraps we cater to clients seeking quality vehicle graphics and wraps. Our team specializes exclusively on vehicle graphics and will guide you through the process expertly. At Riveting Wraps you will find complete vehicle graphic services; from custom fleet graphic design that puts you in the driver seat to certified wrap installers trained in the latest techniques and materials. Give Riveting Wraps a call at (425) 368-5007 or email us at to get your truck fleet graphic project started!

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