Why We're Thankful for Weird Corn Cob Car and You This Thanksgiving

by Deborah Scott on November 18, 2017

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I don't know about you, but I've never seen a corn cob car with orange slice wheels driven around by two turkeys.  That's just super weird.  But if I ever did see such an unusual sight, I'd be really thankful.  Here's why...

It would earn my attention

When you are swimming (or driving) in a sea of same-ness, things become hazy. Your eyes are seeking something of interest and your attention has an appetite for stimulation.  There is something inherently, humanly satisfying about discovering and observing the unique and unexpected.  It wakes us up and snaps us out of our routine.

I would notice.

It would make me smile

Smile? Most likely yes.  Change my expression? Absolutely.  I am going to have some sort of physical reaction.  My heart is going to beat ever so slightly faster.  My pupils are going to adjust and focus.  And my facial expression will change to convey delight or curiosity.  Things that break away from same-ness earn a real and visceral reaction.

I would smile.

It would make me comment

If there are others in the car, I'd want to share my discovery.  "Hey, did you see that?"  "Look over there"  "What the heck is that?!"  These words would fly out of my mouth without a thought.  That super weird corn cob car with orange slice wheels driven by two turkeys would become a moment of connection with others.  A shared experience.  (In full disclosure, while I don't normally talk to myself, I'm pretty sure I would say those things even if I were alone in the car.)  

I would comment.

It would worth telling others about later

Let's be real, this strange corn cob car with orange slice wheels driven by two turkeys is worth sharing with others who didn't have the opportunity to see it for themselves.   It is conversation worthy.  With a photo, it's social media worthy.

I would share.

It would be memorable

I'm sure I would continue to wonder about the corn cob car with orange slice wheels driven by two turkeys.  "What was that anyway?"  "Who were they?"  "Why did someone go to the trouble to create such a spectacle?"  "What were they selling?"  If it were clearly branded, I would remember that brand.

I would remember.

Thank You

So thank you corn cob car with orange slice wheels driven by two turkeys.  I hope I see you on the road someday. 

More importantly, thank you to all our unique customers and future customers for your unique brands and businesses that break away from sameness and commoditization.  It's not easy.  Sometimes it takes guts.  It doesn't have to be weird. But being different than the rest is essential in a great business.

Great brands and businesses are built on uniqueness and differentiation.  We all possess personal and business characteristics worth celebrating. We are deeply grateful for who you are and the opportunity to help you express your brands with excellent vehicle wraps and graphics.  

Happy Thanksgiving!

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