How Much Does a Commercial Vehicle Wrap Cost?

by Deborah Scott on August 18, 2017

How much does a Business Vehicle Wrap Cost?

We have that answer nobody likes to hear... "It depends on several factors."   BUT...  if you keep reading, you will be rewarded with insights into how costs are calculated and the answer that is right for your project. 

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There are a lot of differences in design, types of vehicles, materials requirements and complexity of installations, but the basic building blocks for a vehicle wrap are the same.  Learn why you should Watch out for wrap companies that provide an instant on-the-spot quote without asking questions about your specific vehicle or design plans

At Riveting Wraps we take three things into account when calculating the cost of a vehicle wrap.

Design, Production and Installation

number_1_V2.png Design

The vehicle wrap design is one of the most essential parts of the process.  We cost out this step separately because complexity and factors influencing designs can vary significantly.  Additionally, knowing the final design is necessary to determine the price of a particular wrap.  These are a few of the factors that influence the cost of the design.

  • Single color wraps with cut vinyl accents or custom printed wraps
  • Logos, information and imagery that require careful design and planning to a particular vehicle
  • Clearly articulated vision, goals and requirements for finished vehicle wrap
  • Client provided artwork
  • Designing from scratch


Production costs involve the cost of the specific materials required for the wrap and the labor involved in printing, laminating, and cutting the vinyl.  At Riveting Wraps we only use brand name vinyls.  We do not cut corners using private label or discounted materials.  By using brand name vinyls we can stand behind the quality and pass the manufacturers warranty on to you.  IMPORTANT - not all brand name vinyls are meet vehicle wrap standards.  Be sure your wrap company is not only using a brand name vinyl but a premium CAST long term vinyl designed specifically for vehicle wraps.   

  • Specialty vs standard branded vehicle wrap materials
  • Length of time the wrap is intended to stay on the vehicle.  Short term promotional materials vs long term graphics and wraps
  • Square footage of the area to be printed and/or installed.
  • Laminating (For a long lasting wrap we always recommend laminating your wrap to protect your digital print from scratching, abrasion, or fading.  On rare occasions we make exceptions for short term applications or specialty vinyls that do not require lamination)
  • Windows that need to be covered with perforated window film - set up, printing and laminating


Installation costs will vary by type of vehicle.  For example, a small vehicle with complex curves like a PT Cruiser, Mini Cooper or Volkswagen Beetle can require significantly more time for installation than a large box truck or trailer with large flat surfaces.  Listed below are some of the items we take into account when estimating installation charges.

  • Total square footage of the area to be wrapped.
  • The paint and surface conditions that the wrap material will be applied to.  Estimates also take into account rivets, screws, corrugations, and accessories like door handles. spoilers or trim that need removing and re-installing.
  • The complexity of the compound curves to be wrapped.  A flat surface is a much different application than the spoiler and bumper of a car.
  • Windows that need to be covered with perforated window film
  • Bumpers and side mirrors
  • Complete color change wraps 

Including the design, it's typical to see the fabrication and installation of full vehicle wraps for cars and vans be priced between $2,700 - $4,000 depending upon the factors listed above.   

A Full Vehicle Wrap is Not Your Only Option

Keep in mind, a full wrap isn't always necessary to accomplish what you're trying to do with vehicle advertising.  Partial vehicle wraps can be a great option to consider.  Partial wraps often include the sides or the sides and back of a vehicle.  Partial wraps can still be extremely effective from a visual and marketing perspective.  You can also consider full color cut decals and cut vinyl lettering.  The goals should be to get your vehicle advertising working for you - we'll help you work within your budget!

Riveting Wraps General Price Guidelines 

  • Full wraps: typically $3000 - $5,000
  • Partial wraps: calculated based on % of square footage of full wrap
  • Color change full wraps: typically $3,600 - $6000 depending upon the vehicle size, original color, the new color, and body complexity.

Be careful if you find yourself considering price above quality. The more you look, the more likely you will find companies willing to do your wrap for less than market rates. Ultimately, you get what you pay for, with a wrap that may start to peel or scratch or fade within a year of application.  Off brand or private label materials may save you (or the wrap company) money, but it will cost you in the end.  Either in the cost for replacement, damage to your paint, or harm to your reputation by show casing your brand in a less than optimal way.  The best wrap providers will warranty their wraps when using genuine premium long term 3M and Avery vehicle wrap materials. With regular maintenance of your wrap, a quality vehicle wrap can last 5+ years

Ready to get specific about your wrap project? 

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Still working out if a vehicle wrap is right for your business?  Learn how to calculate a financial break even for your vehicle wrap here or Download our Free Vehicle Wrap Break-Even Calculator to determine how many customers you would need to acquire to have a positive return on your vehicle wrap.  You just enter your numbers to get an answer customized to your business and industry.

The professional vehicle graphics team at Riveting Wraps is dedicated to delivering quality products and services that meet our clients' needs and goals. Learn more about the Riveting Wraps DifferenceGive us a call today at (425) 368-5007 or email us at 

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