Infographic: Colors, Visuals, And Texts For Vehicle Wrap Design

by Yuki Chan on December 4, 2019

Colors. Visuals. Texts. These communicative elements on vehicle advertising form a meaningful image seen by our eyes and perceived by our brain. The human brain interprets and analyzes what the eyes see to assign meaning and come to understand the messages. When formulating an advertisement, marketers and designers integrate different colors, visuals, and texts that best represent the brand and its products and services to achieve desired goalsThere is a visual hierarchy our mind uses to process information. Thus, colors, graphics, and texts, are the three vehicle wrap design components to be selected and arranged wisely for the most influential visual effect. The following infographic shares some suggestions on incorporating colors, visuals, and texts to create an effective vehicle graphic design:


Colors: Leveraging Color Psychology To Influence Audience Perception

Trailer-Wrap-Window-Cleaning-Seattle-WA-Riveting-WrapsDifferent colors have different meanings. Institutions use colors to establish a collective identity that connects with its constituents. For instance, purple is the school color of the University of Washington, green and blue are the iconic team colors of the Seattle Seahawks, red and white are the signature colors of Coca-Cola, just to name a few. Aside from incorporating brand colors into the vehicle wrap for consistent brand image, colors are also used to influence impressions. Yellow is a cheerful color with a warming effect, thus it is an ideal shade for service businesses to bring out their friendliness. Blue means pureness and shows a calming effect explaining why it is commonly seen on cleaning companies' vehicle wraps. Click here to learn more about the psychology of color and its application on vehicle graphics. The human eyes are very sensitive to light. As a result, bright colors, such as yellow, draw attention more instantly than muted and dull colors. High contrast or complimentary colors also earn quick attention. 

Visuals: Prominent Visible Aids Portraying Main Character To Be Advertised

Riveting Wraps merecedes sprinter van wrap gardening service madison new jerseyWith only the background color, it may be a little bland and not attractive and expressive enough to showcase the brand. Visuals (such as logos, photos, patterns, and graphics) have to be added to the vehicle wrap as the main subject (a brand, a product, a service, or an event) or a supportive communication aid.

  • Logos: A logo is an essential graphic representing the brand or the organization placed on all sides of a vehicle wrap.
  • Photos: Real people using the product, satisfied individuals enjoying the service, delicious food images or scenery of a destination, these persuasive images are often incorporated as part of the vehicle wrap's background to exhibit the positive outcomes of the product or service.
  • Patterns: It is frequent for organizations to brand themselves with line-constructed patterns that show relations to their and to reinforce audiences' memories about them. Check out Origin Two Five's mobile coffee van to see how topographic maps are applied as a background of their vehicle wrap.
  • Graphics: The actual product itself (KIND's giant snack bar van wrap), tools used during service delivery (Miller Window Cleaning's giant squeegee trailer wrap), and elements related to the service genre (Fast Water Heater's water flow fleet wraps), these graphics are salient examples of how illustrations support the vehicle wrap's message presentation.

Texts: Straight To The Point Succinct Phrases

Flooring-Company-Custom-Van-Graphics-Bainbridge-WA-Riveting-Wraps Compared to a lengthy paragraph, brief phrases are more likely to be seen, less likely to be ignored, and more easily understood for audiences. "Keep it light, short, and succinct," this is the rule of thumb for text use on vehicle wraps. Audiences only have seconds of quick encounter with the vehicle advertisement when they are on the road. They take a quick glance and grasp on the brand and message from the vehicle wrap and then move on with their day to day routine.  The goal is to get them interested and to remember your business. Save the details for your brochure or website. While potential customers are not looking for detailed information when viewing your vehicle, they will want to know more once they get to your website.

Only important and persuasive information should be included on the vehicle wrap, including the business' name, contact information, product or service offerings, and descriptive and convincing texts like taglines, accolades, facts, or calls-to-action. When inserting texts on vehicle wraps, the font, font size, and color selected have to be legible and contrasting enough with the background. Fonts that are too artistic, text sizes that are too big or too small, and font colors that are too bright or too muted are difficult to read and hard to notice.

Creating Attention-Grabbing Vehicle Advertisement With Your Brand

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A great design combines colors, visuals, and texts to form expressive and effective communication. Riveting Wraps' professional vehicle graphics team can custom design vehicle advertisement that aligns with your brand and campaign needs. Check out our Portfolio to see our work. Give Riveting Wraps a call at (425) 368-5007 or email us at

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