Infographic: Fleet Vehicle Graphics' Cycle Of Business Growth

by Yuki Chan on April 9, 2017

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"To grow or not to grow?" That is the question many businesses face throughout their development. For those who decide to grow, it may mean that money has to be taken out from reserves or additional funding may be required to invest in the expansion. And for those who opt not to, it is a decision to maintain the status quo. It forgoes the opportunities of potential customers and sales gains from the growth. 

Riveting Wraps has experience working with businesses on fleet expansion wraps and graphics. Some of them include landscapers, home services, catering companies, construction contractors, franchises, etc.. These clients based their business models on their people and fleet vehicles, an important tangible that determines service quality, customer satisfaction, service efficiency, and many other attributes that lead to success. When adding new vehicles to their fleet, they never fail to install fleet wraps or graphics to reinforce their vehicle advertising efforts. Repetitive and consistent on-the-road marketing messages initiate a continuous cycle of growth for businesses. Check out the infographic below! 


Surefire Fleet Vehicle Graphics

Fleet vehicle wraps and graphics generate thousands of impressions for a brand each day. Attractive visuals make the featured brand look good and compelling. This is why businesses and fleet managers have to pay attention to the design and maintenance of the vehicle graphics. Ineffective design and deteriorated graphics can undermine a brand's image (click to learn more)

New Call-to-actionVisit Riveting Wraps' Portfolio to see more fleet graphics and how their synergy benefit their business. Empower your fleet by endorsing your brand on it! Give us a call at (425)368-5007 or email us at to discuss your vehicle marketing campaign. 

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