Infographic: How Vehicle Graphics' Fit Into Your Customer Purchase Decision

by Yuki Chan on November 4, 2016

Learn how vehicle graphics can help build your business - From awareness, consideration, decision, retention, through promotion.

The most important group that a vehicle graphic aims to appeal to is prospective customers. No matter the size of the graphic (whether it is a full wrap or a partial wrap), it influences prospective customers at different encounter points of their journey - from awareness through consideration, decision, retention, and promotion. It is essential for businesses to be well familiar with their brands' customer journey and the customer touchpoints within. According to SurveyMonkey, customer touchpoints are defined as moments which customers are in contact with a brand. Such knowledge will allow businesses to better design promotion content (such as vehicle wraps and graphics) compelling to their target audience and to make improvements on their marketing efforts and core offerings. 

How Vehicle Graphics Are Involved In The Customer Journey

The infographic below features a customer journey that shows how vehicle graphics make an impact on different customer touchpoints throughout the process. 

On behalf of a brand or a business, vehicle wraps and graphics interact with customers throughout the customer journey. The visuals are representatives of sales and promotion that convince customers why they should choose the company for their business - for the first time or even repeatedly. 

Create A Memorable Impression With Vehicle Graphics

Every customer touchpoint is important because it contributes to customer's perception about what the brand means to them. To effectively connect with customers, a vehicle graphics should include these five important pieces of information, click to find out. Keeping the vehicle graphics in good shape is crucial as it shows the best condition and performance of the brand (avoid these four scenarios!). 

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