Parketing - a Secret Marketing Tactic that Really Works

by Deborah Scott on July 31, 2017

The Urban Dictionary will tell you that parketing is the unethical practice of "parking anywhere you want, as long as you want, by reusing an old parking ticket."  This is NOT the parketing we're talking about.   

Marketing + Parking = Parketing.  It's the nearly effortless practice of parking highly branded wrapped vehicles at high traffic or stragetic locations.  It has been around forever.   And it 's no wonder... it's smarketing! (smart + marketing)


We all know that your wrapped vehicle serves as a rolling billboard.  It's a marketing machine serving your business while you make sales and service calls and deliveries.  But parking time doesn't have to be down time.  Your vehicle can work 24/7 or a 168 hr work week at far less than minimum wage.  The key is to find a parking place(s) that garners the most targeted views from passing pedestrians and other drivers.  

The Economics are Unbeatable

1 Parketing-RainMaker-SignsConsider the opportunity cost.  Are you currently parking your company vehicle(s) in a dark garage or remote lot?  Generating even a few quality leads and customers by parketing creates an infinite return relative to your current parking practices.

2 Boldly branding your company assets - vehicle(s), building, walls, windows, apparel, trade show displays, etc is the most economical advertising opportunity in your marketing tool kit.  See recent article to learn more about leveraging "Owned Media

Parketing-Opportunity-RainMaker-Signs3 You can effectively place a billboard in a location that would never approve of a traditional billboard. Let's take RainMaker Sign's office park for example.  There are highly restrictive rules on signage. (A bit ironic for a sign company location I know...!)  Additionally, while most building complexes have a monument sign that provides signage for all tenants, ours does not.  But here is our easy economical solution - we park our large wrapped and branded vehicle(s) next to the building complex entrance.  Anyone looking for RainMaker Signs will know that they are in the right place and anyone driving buy will see our "billboard".  After a few repeat impressions, they are likely to think of RainMaker Signs the next time they need signs, graphics or vehicle graphics or displays.

Even More Creative Parketing Strategies

I've even heard stories of franchise and small business owners leasing vehicles for their employees and wrapping them with attention grabbing graphics.  Even after paying for vehicle graphics and the lease expense, it was still more economical on a CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) than traditional paid media like radio, print, and TV.  

Here's another interesting example of smart parketing.  I've learned of businesses bartering with other businesses for their strategic parking spaces.  College Pro Painters would agree to buy all their gas from a well positioned gas station in exchange for the right to park on a highly visible corner of the station parking lot when their vehicles were not in use.

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