Do Your Vehicle Graphics Need Replacing? 3 Tempting Reasons to Put it Off

by McKinley McGinn on August 3, 2016

Why you should update your vehicle graphics

It’s easy to to understand what prompted to you get a vinyl wrap for your business van or truck in the first place, but it can be much more difficult to pinpoint exactly what will prompt you to replace your graphics when the time comes. Here’s 3 of the most common reasons businesses put off updating their vehicle graphics and why waiting too long could damage your brand.

number_1_V2.pngVehicle Vinyl Graphics Wear Down Soooo Sloooowly It is Hard to See

The graphics on a vehicle wear down very slowly over time long period of time. You may not notice it because you become accustomed to seeing the vehicle on a regular basis.  Because the deterioration happens so slowly, it would probably take a long, time lapsed video to see the change.

Let’s use an analogy here as a different way of thinking about it. If you buy a pair of shoes that you like, you’ll wear them a lot. 3shoes.jpgOvertime, your shoes will wear down and get old, dirty, broken, etc. You probably don't notice it is happening until they start to look pretty bad. Now you you have a choice.  If you like your worn out shoes, you can chose to replace them with a new pair of the same shoes. shoes2.jpgOr, it might be time for an updated look since you are in the market for new shoes anyway.  Either way, by replacing your shoes you are going to look neater and create a better impression with everyone you meet.

The same is true for vehicle wraps.  You want to always be creating positive impressions of your brand and business. A business with old, chipped, or faded logos and lettering on their vehicle looks like a company that doesn't pay attention to details. There is a risk that they appear out of date or in some kind of financial trouble.  None of these are the types of impressions that earn you new business.  And even if your logo and phone number haven't changed, creating a crisp, clean fresh presentation of this information will reflect well on your business and reputation.

number_2.pngSpending Money Isn't Really That Fun (or Easy)

While the economics of vehicle wraps are outstanding, the benefits are accrued over time but the investment is all up front. And it isn't insignificant. It can be difficult to make or sell the idea of updating your graphics due to the upfront costs.  Many companies look at their vehicles and look at their budget and say - It's fine. We can get another year out of it.  This thinking is a slippery slope.  Every year beyond the expected life of the graphics is another year that your vinyl graphics are deteriorating.  They are long term, but not permanent.  


Because vehicle wraps are such a great investment in your business, we recommend making a plan when you first wrap your vehicles. Have a plan to prepare for the cost of updating your graphics in a specific year.  Or if you have multiple vehicles, time your updates for different years so that the investment is never too great in any single year.

number_3.pngIf You Wait Too Long the Vinyl Becomes More Difficult and Expensive to Remove

This is the one issue people often don't know about until it is too late - so pay close attention.  Over time the adhesive on vinyl graphics becomes more aggressive and the vinyl becomes less pliant and more brittle.  This makes removing the vinyl progressively more difficult. 

3M warranties their premium vehicle wrap vinyl for clean removal within 4 years of installation.  That said, the graphics will likely continue to look great, depending on care, location and climate, for as much as 7-10 years.  It can become very labor intensive and more expensive to remove vinyl graphics after 7-10 years.

By updating your vehicle graphics every 7-10 years, you will be able to gain all the value out of the wrap while preserving some extra cash when it’s time for a new install. Make sure that you are thinking about how your wraps looks and what that means about your company when considering replacement graphics, it just might be worth it.  Old, worn out looking graphics are just one of the ways vehicle graphics can potentially damage your brand.

Quality Only Begins with the Right Materials

New Call-to-actionVehicle wrap companies have learned that many buyers think using the right materials is the only important criteria to evaluate a quality wrap.  And it certainly is an important criteria. But how the material is printed, handled and installed are equally important.  Learn more getting a high quality wrap.

These vehicle wrap failures can come with a very steep price.  Get the straight facts on vehicle wrapping, contact Riveting Wraps at (425) 368-5007 or email us at 

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