Riveting Wraps' Vehicle Graphics Spring Cleaning Checklist

by Yuki Chan on April 11, 2017

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Spring has finally arrived! This is the season of new beginnings and growth. In hopes of a fresh start, spring cleanings are done to sweep away old, deteriorated, ineffective, and dirty things and to replace them with the new if necessary. Spring cleaning is not just for households; businesses need spring cleaning too!

According to a Forbes article by Newtek, a business solutions company, a business can spring clean by actually cleaning their office, updating online presence, re-designing staffs, organizing emails, or reviewing their business plan and goals. 

As a vehicle wraps and graphics studio, Riveting Wraps recommends businesses add vehicle cleaning to their spring cleaning agenda. Especially for businesses who operate a fleet, dirty vehicles along with dirty vehicle graphics affect the customer impressions they generate while on the road or during service delivery. Click to learn more about why you must keep your vehicle graphics clean!

Free Vehicle Graphics Spring Cleaning Checklist

A vehicle graphics cleaning has two parts: cleaning the vehicle and the vehicle graphics. Everyone has experience getting a car wash. To do that in a step by step approach, check out 100things2do's car detailing checklist. Riveting Wraps had also prepared the following checklist to guide you through a thorough and effective vehicle graphics spring cleaning. Happy Spring Cleaning!


✓ Clean And Effective Vehicle Graphics 

Not only for spring cleaning, vehicle graphics cleaning should be done regularly to keep the brand the vehicle endorses in pristine condition. Be aware of these four brand damaging vehicle graphics conditions as well. If you are planning to redesign/replace your vehicle graphics as a spring cleaning task, see Riveting Wraps' Portfolio for references!

New Call-to-actionRiveting Wraps offers professional vehicle graphics design, production, and installation services. Give us a call today at (425) 368-5007 or email us at hello@rivetingwraps.com. 

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Vehicle Graphics Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is the season of fresh starts!  Refresh your vehicles and vehicle graphics for the new season.

  • Clean the exterior of the vehicle including the graphics.  Click here for proper cleaning, care and maintenance tips.
  • Clean the interior of the vehicle.  After a long winter, we know how things can get. ;-)
  • Organize the tools, supplies and inventory items that are stored on the vehicle
  • Assess the vehicle graphics - both condition and content

Vehicle Graphics Condition

Yes or No - Do the vehicle wrap/graphics have many scratches or any lifting edges?Yes or No - Are the vehicle wrap/graphics damaged?
Yes or No - Are your graphics old and faded to the point which the text and visuals are no longer legible

  • If you answered YES to any of the above, it's time to start thinking about updating or replacing your graphics

Vehicle Graphics Content Evaluation

Yes or No - Is the information (business name and contact info) on the vehicle up-to-date?
Yes or No - Is the message /campaign featured on the vehicle advertisement still relevant?
Yes or No - Is the current vehicle graphics design effective and compelling?  Did they generate new leads for your business?

  • If you answered NO for any of the above, consider a new vehicle graphics project to design a new look for your vehicle that best showcases your brand and business
  • Update date members about the outcome of your vehicle graphics spring cleaning
    • If the vehicle has been cleaned, let your drivers know so they will cherish their ride more
    • If the vehicle's storage has been reorganized, let your crew know the new organization system
    • If the vehicle graphics have been replaced/redesigned, make sure your employees, customers and business partners know about your new look!

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