Setting 3 Types Of SMART Vehicle Graphics Goals And KPIs

by Yuki Chan on August 8, 2017
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What do you want your vehicle wraps and graphics to achieve? This question should be answered at the beginning of a vehicle wrapping project. Figuring out vehicle graphics' objectives helps bring so much perspectives to the project. The project's major participants, including business owners, fleet managers, marketing managers, and the vehicle wrapping studio, can collaborate together and communicate more effectively to achieve these goals. It is essential that these goals are SMART - specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timed. Vehicle graphics' performances, measured by key performance indicators (KPIs), enable its managers to evaluate its performance and decide on the next steps. 

Vehicle Graphics SMART Goals And KPIs

Dodge Promaster City Graphics Riveting Wrap Seattle WA.jpgBeing SMART is the golden rule in goal-setting, and the same applies to defining KPIs. While goals are the desired end result of the project, KPIs offer real time insights on the current progress of the project. Let's have a closer look at the qualities of goals and KPIs:

  • Specific: be precise and clear with the target so every participants understand what they are trying to accomplish
  • Measurable: attach a value or a standard of measurement to the goal or KPI that can be benchmarked with the actual performance/outcome
  • Achievable: attainable and feasible target that all participants are confident in reaching
  • Relevant: the KPI being related to the goal of the project and the project's goal being related to the organization's long-term development and vision
  • Timed: the deadline and duration that the goal/KPI must be achieved by

Projects with goals and KPIs are more likely to become successful than those without. Goals and KPIs are specified targets that effectively and efficiently motivate and drive project participants to the finish line. By comparing outcomes with the pre-defined goals and KPIs, marketing managers, operations managers, business owners and fleet managers can evaluate their campaign's progress and make adjustment or improvement that increase their chance of success (click to learn about why vehicle wraps are powerful marketing machines).

Types Of Goals And KPIs For Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics goals and KPIs can be broken down into three categories: marketing, sales, and organization development. These three subjects are contributing factors to an organization's success and performance. 

1) Vehicle Graphics Marketing Goals And KPIs

Vehicle Wraps for GMC Sierra 1500 Riveting Wraps Seattle WA.jpgSome examples of a vehicle advertisement's marketing goals and KPIs include:

  • Increasing brand awareness (e.g. KPI: the number of exposure)
  • Establishing reputation in the target market/neighborhood (e.g. KPI: the areas the vehicle advertisement reached)
  • Growing market shares (e.g. KPI: the percentage growth of sales)
  • Promoting new products/services (e.g. KPI: the market's response towards the new product/service)
  • Reinforcing/developing customer loyalty (e.g. KPI: the number of returning customers)
  • Entering new markets (e.g. KPI: the response of the new market's targeted customers)

2) Vehicle Graphics Sales Goals And KPIs

franshise_van_and_fleet_graphics_Riveting_Wraps_Seattle_Bellevue_Redmond.jpgSales goals are interconnected with marketing goals. The achievement of marketing goals will eventually benefit sales. Stimulating sales and multiplying sales figures are a universal goal. Vehicle advertising appeals to customers with attractive visual communication. Under this scenario, vehicle graphics' sales KPIs measure the number of audiences the vehicle graphics reach or the growth in store traffic, etc..

3) Vehicle Graphics Organization Development Goals And KPIs

vinyl_graphics_for_cars_Riveting_Wraps_Seattle_Bellevue.jpgThere are two types of organizational development goals and KPIs vehicle wraps and graphics can attain: external and internal. The external goals and KPIs emphasize on establishing a professional image of the brand/business and connecting with the targeted communities as a reputable and reliable brand/business. And internally, the organization's fleet graphics communicate with its internal customers (employees, management, and partners) about the organization's newest development, product knowledge, and outlook, as well as strengthening these individuals' organization commitment and confidence. 

Laying A Strong Foundation For Successful Vehicle Graphics Project

New Call-to-actionA vehicle wrapping project can have multiple goals. However, it is essential that these goals are SMART. With the use of KPIs, vehicle graphics' managers can make constant evaluations to adjust their campaign for better results. See more vehicle graphics' examples in Riveting Wraps' Portfolio.

The professional vehicle graphics team at Riveting Wraps dedicates to deliver quality products and services that accommodate to our clients' needs and goals. Learn more about the Riveting Wraps DifferenceGive us a call today at (425) 368-5007 or email us at 

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