Infographic: The Relative Advertising Value Of Vehicle Advertising

by Yuki Chan on July 20, 2018

Depending on vehicle type and design, the cost of vehicle advertising varies. For instance, with long term vehicle wrap vinyl, putting logos and contact information on truck doors can run a few hundred dollars while a full wrap on a large very large van can be thousands (and of course there are a million options in between).  The amount you plan to spend on branding your fleet, turning it into a marketing machine is a meaningful investment. By looking at the relative advertising value of a vehicle wrap, it helps marketers and fleet managers determine the return on investment they get compared to other forms of media advertising. The info-graphic below is designed to help you easily understand the value of vehicle wraps and graphics in comparison to other advertising options. 


More Impressions And Lower Costs

Riveting Wraps Vehicle Wrap-media-effeciencies comparison-min.jpgAccording to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), the cost per thousand impression (CPM) of a vehicle wrap is $0.77. A research by 3M found the CPM to be even lower for fleet graphics (at only $0.48). The evidence provided by these two reputable organizations have proven that vehicle wraps generate more impressions at the lowest costs when compared with other media such as outdoor ads ($3.56 CPM), radio($7.75 CPM), newspaper ($19.70 CPM), magazine ($21.46 CPM), and television ($23.70 CPM). By calculating the impressions per dollar with these figures, fleet graphics and vehicle wraps give the most impressions out of a buck, with 2,083 impressions per dollar and 1,298 impressions per dollar respectively. The other media are being put to shame with only 281 impressions per dollar for outdoor ads, 129 impressions per dollar for radio, and 42 impressions per dollar for TV ads.

As an owned media, vehicle wraps advertise 24/7 at their owner's disposal and create impressions wherever they go. Statistics cited by Truckininfo mentioned that a typical trailer creates 10 million impressions a year, 14 million for trailers with reflective graphics, and 16 million for local delivery vans. On average, vehicle graphics generate 101 impressions per mile. Media measurements performed by Geopath (formerly known as the Traffic Audit Bureau) discovered the number of daily impressions vehicle wrap make to be between 30,000 to 70,000. 

Low Likelihood To Be Overlooked And Ignored

Among the 5,000 advertisements people are exposed to each day, 89% are unnoticed, 7% are noticed but disliked, and only 3% are noticed and liked. Riveting Wraps analyzed the characteristics of vehicle advertising and determined that it cannot be ignored or blocked unlike other media including TV, radio, and internet (click here to see the infographic).

But for vehicle wraps, it has the advantage of not being intentionally overlooked. Its obvious size and road safety concerns maximize the advertisement's visibility and guarantee attention. Audiences have no control in blocking, skipping, closing, or throwing away vehicle ads. In conclusion, vehicle advertising has a higher opportunity to be noticed and even liked. The Visual Impact of Trucks In Traffic study by the American Trucking Association (ATA) showed that 96% of respondents noticed truck side ads. 

Memorable Awareness And Influence On Audience Behavior

Regardless of the medium used, a successful advertising achieves the following goals:

  • Raise brand awareness
  • Promote product or service offerings
  • Create memorable impressions about the brand and offerings
  • Influence audience behavior such as making a purchase or contact

Driving attention easily, vehicle advertisements have a high recall rate and make successful attempts in developing positive and influencing impressions with audiences. 97% of respondents recalled the ad on the truck based on a survey by the RYP & Becker Group. The Visual Impact of Trucks in Traffic study revealed the following information about vehicle ads' positive contributions:

  • 75% audiences developed an impression about the advertised company and its offerings
  • 98% said vehicle graphics create positive image for the company
  • 91% of truck advertising's targeted audiences even noticed the text and graphics on the wrap.
  • 96% audiences thought vehicle graphics had more impact than billboards 
  • 29% would make a purchase decision based on the vehicle ad they saw

Compared to a static billboard, a mobile vehicle advertising creates 2.5 times more attention (research by Perception). Another OAAA statistics pointed out that fleet advertising raises brand name recognition 15 times greater than other forms of advertising.  

Proven Advertising Effectiveness Delivered By Vehicle Wraps

An effective communication channel is a critical success factor for an advertisement. Putting brand messages on vehicles (an already owned asset for many products and services businesses) is cost effective and delivers results better than other advertising media. Check out Riveting Wraps' Portfolio to see how businesses benefit from vehicle advertising.

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