Vehicle Graphics - Advertising Designed to Influence Customer Choices

by Tim McVickar on March 28, 2017

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Advertising Designed to Influence

As a company that helps others market their brands, we know the power vehicle wraps and graphics have to influence consumer behavior and choices.  According to this marketing concept, the design focus needs to be on the customer in order to help an organization meet its objectives.  Consumer behavior should dictate how a company markets to its target audience.  There are three types of consumer responses that are invoked when they see an advertisement: affect, cognition, and behavior.

Affect: How Someone Feels After Seeing your Vehicle Graphics

Prius_Vehicle_Wraps_Graphics_Riveting_Wraps_Bellevue_WA.jpgAffect is simply how the customers feel after viewing your vehicle graphics.  What kind of feeling did the advertising invoke?  One of the most important things you can do before finalizing your vehicle graphic design is to place yourself in the customer’s shoes.  Imagine how they would respond to seeing your wrapped vehicle.  Are you trying to invoke a humorous, happy, or sad mood?  How do you show your business to be trustworthy and credible?  If you look objectively at your fleet graphics design, do they invoke the kinds of feelings that you would want the prospective customer to have?  If not, then stop and reconsider your design.  The graphics will be on your vehicles for 5-7 years, so taking a few more days to get the design right is a worthwhile investment.

Also, would people outside of your target market understand the advertisement?  Your vehicle graphics are going to be looked at by a broad range of audiences, the last thing you want is negative reaction due to a misunderstanding.  Make sure everyone, not just your prospective customers understand the message.


Cognition: What Someone Thinks about your Product or Services After Seeing your Vehicle Wrap

Transit Connect wrap delivery van Riveting Wraps Bellevue Seattle WA.jpgCognition is simply what the consumers are thinking about the marketed product or service.  Again it is wise to stand in the consumers shoe’s, and to look at the graphics from the perspective of someone who may not know as much about the product as you do.  Does your design help consumers understand what your product or service is?  Do they think about how they could benefit from your products or services?  In many cases, it is beneficial to show the benefits or outcome of working with your business.  Before/After photos are often a quick visual short-cut to connect and problem the viewer can identify with a positive solution or outcome.  Other times showing the ultimate outcome is a compelling way to highlight the value you offer.

Behavior:  What Someone Will Do after Seeing Your Vehicle Graphics

Riveting_Wraps_Van_Graphics_Bellevue_WA.jpgBehavior is simply that actions a prospective customer will take after they see your custom vehicle wrap.  If the potential customer looks at your vehicle graphic and does nothing, you could conclude that the vehicle wrap has failed to inspire the desired behavior.  But that would be a hasty conclusion.  

  • First, not every person who sees the graphics is in the market for the products and services you offer.  
  • Even if they are in the market for what you offer, they may have other things weighing on their minds when they see the graphics.  Remember, they did not seek out the information, the information (your vehicle) just happened to come into their view.  
  • And finally, there is a notion of frequency in advertising (vehicle graphics) that has been shown that it can take multiple impression of a single ad for it to ultimately influence behavior.  

To improve your odds of attracting new customers you'll want to at least pique their interest.  Place something on the graphic that will inspire them to behave a certain way.  Make them want to reach out to your company.  In order for them to do this, you will need to place contact information on the graphics, in a legible size.  

Consider an offer or other call-to-action that will inspire them to take action.  Words that urge the viewer to take an immediate action, such as "Call Now".  Some claim an advertisement without a call-to-action is considered incomplete and ineffective.

Do More Than Drive!
Influence Others with Commercial Vehicle Graphics to Grow Your Business

At Riveting Wraps, we have advertising and customer behavior expertise unmatched by other vehicle wrap companies. And, like the "best of the best" in the industry, we use the best 3M vehicle wrap vinyls and laminates, HP latex inks and HP high resolution printing and certified skilled installation.  We put it all together to help you grow your business.  

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