Vehicle Wraps - Marketing Machine for Your Business

by Deborah Scott on May 6, 2017

6 Unique Benefits of Vehicle Wraps

return-on-investment1.    Positive Return on Investment

Who isn’t looking for the most economical marketing and investment options for their business?  Wraps and graphics are the most cost effective advertising option out there.  With wraps you don’t have to pay someone else for media time or space – your vehicle is your media.

Vehicle wraps provide a lower CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) than traditional advertising mediums.  ($0.50 -$0.75 CPM for vehicles wraps vs  $5-$12 CPM for radio vs $18-$24 CPM for TV.)  Because you own the media (your vehicle), no other advertising options come close to this level of efficiency or return on investment.


2.    Create Moving Billboards that Put your Message Right in Front of Customers

sprinter van wrap by Riveting Wraps Madison New Jersey.jpgYour wrapped vehicle becomes your mobile billboard, putting your message in front of potential customers.   The typical route or radius of your business vehicles may already overlaps with the geography of your potential customer.  By wrapping your vehicle(s) you can reach prospective customers where they are.

When not on the move, park your vehicle where it will get noticed.  It could be near your place of business, the job site, or other strategic high-traffic corners and locations around town.   Where you place your message is up to you.

Think about this.  Your wrapped vehicle allows you to place your “billboard” in locations where local sign ordinances might prohibit or restrict signage.  Additionally, if your landlord limits your ability to install high impact signage on your building, your strategically parked vehicle can do that job for you.

3.    Create Implied Endorsements for your Business


We all know the best marketing comes from delighting your customers.  A happy customer creates positive “Word of Mouth” and referrals.  Amazingly, it is possible for your vehicle to deliver this same quality of referral.  

As a service provider you may park your vehicle in a customer’s residential driveway or in front of their business.  Those neighboring businesses and residents will notice your vehicle.  Later when they are seeking similar products or services they may ask your original customer for a reference.  Or they may just assume that your first customer selected you based on their confidence in your company.   Either way, there is the implication of an endorsement and an opportunity for a referral simply because your brand is now connected with someone they know.

This is a powerful distinction.  Traditional paid advertising cannot reach this level of credibility with prospective customers.

4.    Build Credibility with Your Customers

custom Dodge RAM 3M vinyl wrap for franchise business Riveting Wraps Lynnwood WA.jpg

Arriving at your location in a wrapped vehicle gives your customer confidence in your business.  It confirms that you are who they expected and that you stand behind your brand.  If you are a small company or sole proprietor, your vehicle can give you the professional appearance and credibility of a larger organization.

5.    Build your Brand

Apple a Day Ford E-150 vehicle graphics Riveting Wraps 5.jpg

Repeated impressions build familiarity, brand recall, and share of mind.  When a customer needs your products and services, you want your company to be top of mind.  The three to five year life of your vehicle wrap will create millions of impressions with your potential customers.

6.    Attract Full Price Paying Customers who Appreciate the Value of your Business

Many of the most targeted marketing opportunities focus on a discount.  Although offering discounts makes your service more enticing to try out, you’re also at risk that those customers wont see the real value in paying full price if they know they can get a discount.  This may get you new customers, but you might not keep them unless you offer another discount the next time they need your service. 
A vehicle wrap is a great way to introduce your brand to new customers.  A vehicle wrap attracts customers who have a need, see or recall your vehicle and brand, and contact you about products or service.  They may still compare prices and quotes, but it all originated from a positive impression of your business and service. 

Here are four quick questions we recommend you ask before having your vehicle wrapped - "What to Ask Before You Wrap".  If you are interested in learning more about vehicle wraps and graphics visit our "Vehicle Wraps and Graphics FAQ" or give us a call 425-368-5007.  You can also click below and provide basic information about your vehicle(s) and we can provide you with a quote. 

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