Vehicle Wraps Meet the Final Four NCAA Basketball

by Tim McVickar on March 30, 2017

Gonzaga wrap.png

GO ZAGS!  The top NCAA men's basketball universities and communities know how to turn up the marketing volume when the Final Four rolls around.  Commercial vehicle wraps and graphics spark school spirit and excite the community as these schools fight it out for the NCAA Championship.

A Riveting Arrival to the Final Four

As a Gonzaga University student, life on campus has been filled with excitement.  You could even say it’s been riveting.  Gonzaga is well known for its basketball and ever since they advanced to the Elite Eight last year, enrollment made a huge jump. The inflow of applications increased as well.  As a result this year’s freshman class was much larger than any of the other classes.  Now that Gonzaga has made it to the Final Four for the first time in the program’s history, I can only imagine how much larger the next class will be.

What do these final four teams, Gonzaga, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Oregon all have in common?  In addition to their remarkable basketball teams, they all market themselves extremely well this time of year.  Not only does the Final Four present the opportunity to advance to the championship, it presents an unparalleled marketing opportunity for the schools.  The popularity of March Madness shown on television really puts all of the schools in the spotlight.  As the final game approaches, each of the schools is seen in a positive light, and the marketing for each of the schools is increased by television highlights and pregame talk shows.

Needless to say, sports are a great way of marketing schools.  But the marketing can even be enhanced away from the television.  This can be done with vehicle graphics.  These can really magnify the effect of the marketing, as people will recognize the school from what they have seen on television.  The exposure of these wrapped vehicles support a collective identity within the campus and neighboring community and and create a sense of pride.

Gonzaga University Vehicle Wraps

gonzaga truck wrap.pngGonzaga University's got school spirit all season.  You can find vehicles wrapped for various sports teams on campus. (See truck for their crew team on right)   The Gonzaga Kennel Club has earned fame nationwide for inspiring the Gonzaga student body to rally behind their teams like no other school. 

"They go to school, they do their homework, they shake hands, they say please and thank you, but once you throw that ball up they will rip your heart out and watch you bleed." -  ESPN analyst Jay Bilas

Even local promotion agencies and car dealers get in on the Kennel Club action, wrapping vehicles for promotional give always to students.

win this Gonzaga car.png  promotional kennel club wrap.png

In an effort not to appear biased, here are what the other three schools are up to.

South Carolina and Oregon


UofO truck wrap.png

North Carolina

Hmmm.  We'll have to keep looking for an example...

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