Vehicle Wraps That Appeal To Drivers During their Commutes

by Yuki Chan on July 7, 2016

2_drivers_mind_vehicle_wraps_Bellevue_WA_Riveting_Wraps.pngGood marketing is effective when it appears at the right time, the right place, and to the right target. While the same principals apply to vehicle wraps and graphics, it is in many ways a unique case. The audience mix of the viewers who see these "vehicle based advertisements" is very big, very broad and difficult to predict due to a high mobility of commercial vehicles. One thing we know for certain is that the fellow drivers that are traveling along with our wrapped cars, vans and trucks are part of our audience, including prospects, leads, and even customers. Getting to know what's on these drivers' mind during their commute gives us an advantage about delivering the right messages to them.

What Are Drivers Thinking When They Drive?

According to the Nielsen Out Of Home Advertising Study in 2016, it revealed to us the top twelve subjects that drivers are actually thinking besides focusing on their commute. 


These twelve topics definitely give us valuable insights about the message, the graphics, the timing, and even the type of industries that may have better effectiveness when being presented on vehicle graphics and wraps. 

Customize Vehicle Wraps Design For Drivers 

Keeping the the framework outlined below maximizes a business' chances to be seen and remembered by the target audiences. 

  • Messages and images related to leisure activities, family activities, food, and shopping will catch drivers' interests and have a higher probability of  turning these drivers into leads and even customers
  • "Activities later in the day," "family," "weekend activities," and "friends" are subjects that can be linked together. Drivers might be thinking about spending quality time with their families and friends. Such thoughts have created a great opportunities to promote about events and leisure businesses, such as shopping malls, bowling centers, bars, etc.   Or as importantly, how your products or services will free up a potential customers time to pursue these types of activies.
  • "Online searches" and "blogging and social media" are being ranked as the least thought of, with only a 5% and 2% respectively. Although not stated in Nielsen's research, there is a potential that the searched, blogged, and shared information, are relevant to the businesses that drivers are exposed to on the commercial vehicles they passed by during their drive. 
  • It is surprising that 48% of drivers think about "work" on their way. For B2B businesses, this is a golden opportunity to promote their unique and effective offerings, which might be the exact business solutions that the driver (who might also be our exact target customer) is looking for. 
  • A majority of the U.S. population spends 26 minutes to commute to work, while some minority takes 45 minutes or even 90 minutes to get to work (statistics recorded by U.S. Census Bureau). Being in line with Nielsen's research, where 18% of individuals spend 1 hr. to 1.5 hr on their commute, it makes sense that the most exposed vehicle messages are during the peak rush hours, when people head to work and travel back home. 

Your Messages On Wrapped Vehicles

New Call-to-actionThere is so much more information that can be mined from this "Top Of Drivers' Minds" research. See another blog post for Important Information On Your Vehicle Wraps. As one of your audiences, drivers contribute important word-of-mouth marketing efforts, making them an important audience source to engage and interact with. 

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