Vehicle Wraps You Can't "Unsee"

by Deborah Scott on June 20, 2018

 Put the Right Idea Into the World

According to marketing guru Seth Godin:

"When you put the right idea into the world, people can't unsee it."

The introduction of the right idea, like the first iPhone for example, changed everything about our perceptions of what a "phone" could be used for.  Once you understand the possibilities that come with holding a computer in your hand, you never see a phone the same way again.  Or,  when I look back when Amazon was starting out and I was managing the newly global brand to push it from book seller to seller of everything, we saw a remarkable transformation in consumer expectations about what could be bought online.  Amazon forever changed the course of e-commerce and a consumer's ability to buy anything online.  Like any big technology break-through, once you are exposed to the idea, you can't "unsee" it.  

But technology isn't the only place where perceptions can shift.  Starbucks introduced the idea of a third placeThis fundamentally changed the perceptions of a coffee shop.  Historically coffee shops were focused on getting customers in and out - a customer would have been discouraged from lingering too long.  Starbucks created the idea of a "third place" (other than home or work) to have a coffee and connect with friends, escape, work, study, relax, etc.  

But on a smaller scale, you don't have to change an entire industry in order to create an impression that can't be "unseen".   The same thing happens when you create a relevant, professional , eye-catching presentation of your product or services.  A great, memorable ad or vehicle wrap can deliver a moment of cognitive delight. If done well, it can create a fresh idea to how we perceive a company, product, service or even industry.   Check it out two examples below and just imagine the lost opportunities had these vehicles been left all white.

Bellevue Seattle WA Riveting Wraps Van wraps 2

Riveting Wraps McDonald's Food truck Vinyl Wrap Seattle WA 2

Imagine the "Can't Unsee" Marketing Value of Fleet Graphics

A burst of fresh color in a sea of white, silver, and blue vehicles will earn attention.  It literally stimulates the brain creating an impression that you can't not see.  Having earned that attention with a stand-out color,  give them something they not only can not - not see (tricky double negative there) , but also something that they can't "unsee".  Something that sticks with them and leaves an impression.

Of course I'm completely biased, but every time I see a work crew, delivery personal, service technician, consultant or sales rep driving around in an unmarked vehicle, I see a missed opportunity to be something others can't "unsee".  Or, as our 45th President would describe it, "Sad!".  For an excellent summary check out our Infographic: The Relative Advertising Value Of Vehicle Advertising

Can you go too far?  Probably.  But you can go pretty darn far if you are brave and willing to stand out from the crowd in brand appropriate ways.  Check out the article about the Weird Corn Cob Car to learn why standing out and being memorable is what can put your business ahead of the pack.  

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