Weather Resistant Vehicle Graphics That Endure Rain, Sun, And Snow

by Yuki Chan on June 5, 2017

Seattle is known as the rainy city. According to The Weather Channel, the Emerald City experiences an average of 152 rainy days a year. But in fact, we also enjoy the same number of days of sunshine based on Sperling's findings. While rain and sunshine both makes up most of our days in the four seasons, we also experience snowfall during Winter. As the Evergreen State's residents, we prepared ourselves for these weather conditions. But how about vehicle wraps and graphics? This article is about how Riveting Wraps' vehicle graphics withstand rain, sunshine, and snow. 

Rain Resistant Vehicle Graphics

vehicle wrap print detail Riveting Wraps Bellevue WA.jpgVinyl, unlike paper, is a water proof material. Water resistant vehicle graphics won't get soaking wet, wrinkled, or torn apart after exposure to rain. The adhesive of the vinyl gives it a strong (while safe for paint) bond to cling on its substrate. However, if the vinyl installation was not properly done, it can undermine the vinyl graphics' resistance to water. Poor installation, which leaves air or dirt in between the vinyl and its substrate, affects the vinyl's adhesiveness. When water is poured on the graphics, it worsens the bond between the vinyl and its substrate, causing it to come off or being peeled off easily. This is why Riveting Wraps' installers ensure the vehicle's cleanliness every time before initiating the installation process ( click to learn about the results if the cleaning procedure is neglected). 

On the side note, it is necessary to wash the vehicle after rain. Whether with or without vehicle graphics, rain will leave behind dirt, mud, and water spots on the vehicle body. Since vehicle wraps or graphics showcase a brand, a dirty car makes the brand look dirty as well

Sun Resistant Vehicle Graphics

van wraps for landscape companies Riveting Wraps Madison New Jersey.jpgRiveting Wraps uses only quality vinyl from the industry's top notch manufacturers, 3M and Avery. 3M's Weathering Resource Center challenges its products under different weather conditions, simulating the actual environment their products encounter with, and improve their durability. Cast vinyl is the type of vinyl most ideal for vehicle graphics. Its unique manufacturing process maintains color pigments better than other vinyl choices and consists of UV absorbers that protect the vinyl from ultraviolet rays. Once Riveting Wraps printed the graphics with our in-house HP Wide Format Latex Printer, the vinyl films are laminated to prolong its resistance against fading and abrasion, and to reinforce its protection layer. The dedicated material selection and production processes enable Riveting Wraps to create UV resistant vehicle graphics.

Snow Resistant Vehicle Graphics

Riveting Wraps truck wraps for national brands Seattle WA.jpgBeing snowed on will not damage vinyl. It is the way that we scrape snow off our vehicles that matters. Riveting Wraps advises our clients to never use ice scrapers or snow shovels to scrape off snow and ice from their vehicles, including vehicle windows. Not only that it will damage the paint, but also the vehicle wraps or graphics. Instead, brooms and soft cloths for the vehicle body and window defrosters and snow brushes for vehicle windows are the right tools to remove snow and ice.

It is inevitable for vehicles to stick on road salt while driving during winter. Vinyl graphics are resistant to road salt, but the vehicle isn't! Never let road salt accumulate on the vehicle as it can results in rust, and vinyl does not hold up to rusted surfaces. 

Durable And Long Lasting Vehicle Wrapping

Although it is recommended to keep our vehicles in the garage or under covered parking to best protect its appearance, it is impractical to always to do. Vehicle wraps and graphics are designed to defend against weather conditions. But still, care and maintenance are necessary to extend its life span and to keep its look (and the brand it advertises) pristine. With good care, vehicle graphics can last for many years and even remain the same look from the time it was installed until it is removed. 

New Call-to-actionCheck out Riveting Wraps' Portfolio to see more of our work! Wrapping your vehicle with weather resistant vehicle graphics can avoid damage on its original paint as well as promoting your business. Give Riveting Wraps a call today at (425) 368-5007 or email us at 

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