What are Ghost Graphics? (Police Ghost Vehicles)

by Deborah Scott on September 26, 2018

Law enforcement Ghost Graphics (also referred to as Stealth Graphics) are low visibility graphics used to mark law enforcement vehicles.  The graphics color is selected to closely match the vehicle's original paint color creating a "sneaky" law enforcement vehicle able to catch those speeding or committing other traffic infractions.  Stealth graphics can be either reflective or non-reflective depending on the enforcement agencies goals and objectives.  Most police vehicle designs can be easily transformed into a "ghosted" version.

Police Stealth Vehicle Graphics Renton Police Department by Riveitng Wraps

Why are Police Adding Ghost Graphics to their Fleets?

Ghost vehicles offer similar benefits to unmarked police cars.  The ghost graphics provide camouflage for law enforcement.  According to police officers, traffic offenders and speeders usually don't recognize a "ghosted" police vehicle until they turn on their flashing police lights.  These graphics combines all the advantages of an unmarked vehicle, while still supporting public safety by presenting all official identification when viewed up close.   

Many agencies will have both stealth and regular vehicles in their fleets.  The highly visible markings on their "black & whites" create a bigger presence in their community.   There are many circumstances in which law enforcement want to high visibility to help deter crime and let the community know they are out on the streets. The more traditional markings plays a larger role in deterring criminal activity and traffic offenses before they occur.

Are Ghost Graphics Reflective?

Ghost graphics can be either reflective or non-reflective.  For those looking for higher vehicle visibility at night, reflective is the best option.  Others looking for the benefits of an unmarked vehicle typically choose a non-reflective version of their stealth graphics.  You can expect reflective graphics to have premium pricing relative to non-reflective graphics.

What Should be Included on Ghosted Vehicles?

Ghost graphics can be developed as a new design for a law enforcement agency or simply an adaptation of the existing design. Below are the most common items included in a set of graphics for a well marked law enforcement vehicle.

  • Police
  • Location name (city, county, state, etc)
  • Vehicle Identification number
  • Police badge, shield or star
  • 911 or Emergency Contact
  • Motto or Mission
  • Roof Identification  (usually high contrast and visible)

Most designs can be made into a ghost version. 

We Serve Those Who Serve

You take pride in protecting your communities and we take pride in supporting you.  We design, produce, ship or install high quality long term police vehicle graphics.  

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