What Calls to Action are Most Effective on a Vehicle Wrap

by Deborah Scott on December 5, 2017
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call to action, also called a CTA for short, is a marketing term used in marketing, advertising and selling. It refers to any device designed to prompt an immediate response or action by the viewer.  A CTA is usually words or phrases that can be incorporated into a marketing or sales message.

A Great CTA Starts with the Target Customer

A great CTA is a balancing act.  It marries the most reasonable and valuable (valuable from the customer's point of view) action a prospective customer might take with an action your company desires.
In the old days of sales, it might be a statement like:
"What would it take to get you into a new car today?"
"Sign Here"
"Shall I ring that up for you?" 
In advertising it might be statements like:
"Call now!"
"While supplies last"
"What are you waiting for?"
Even some websites have gotten pretty aggressive with CTA.  Maybe you've experienced a few of these.
6 seconds into reading a web page a pop-up blocks your view and asks you to subscribe
When you move your cursor to the browser and a pop-up asks you if you are sure you want to leave the page
Today's consumers and businesses are far too sophisticated for this type of hocus pocus.  You are not a robot.  When you are told "Call Now" do you respond by immediately placing a call?  Of course not.  When a pop up blocks the article you are reading are you delighted or annoyed?  Does the "Call Now" message on the van in the image at the top of the page make you want to call or run the other way?   A great CTA has go to start with respect for your customer. 

Help - Don't Tell

Prospective customers don't want to be told what to do.  Buyers are in control these days.  They have easy access to lots of options and lots of information.  The objective of any CTA's in your fleet wrap design should be help your viewer easily get the information they need.
Start with these question - What is valuable to my customer?  Where are they at in the buyers journey?   How do I present the information they need in a way that is helpful to them?  Demanding they take action in a way that serves your needs and not theirs is as effective as pushing on a string.  
CTA's are not the primary focus in a wrap design.  Unlike the example in the image at the top of the page, branding and services/product category should come first.  They first have to know who you are and what you do before they have any reason to act.  
Here are a few of examples:
Bellevue Seattle WA Riveting Wraps Van wraps.jpgFrom this wrap any viewer would quickly see that Pronto Painting is a painting service.  From their name, one would understand that they are fast and efficient.  Their CTA says "Free Estimates. Book Now" along with their phone number.  It doesn't yell.  It doesn't push.  For someone who is looking for a painter, they could call right away?  For someone who is just thinking about hiring a painter, the the offer of a Free Estimate is helpful for planning.  They make it easy to book for a the free estimate.
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Fast Water Heater has a brilliantly designed wrap (if we do say so ourselves) that delivers a fast emergency vehicle type impression.  
They have a cleaver built in CTA in their tagline - When your hot turns to cold, you better think "Fast" .  
Finally the presentation of the number itself is a CTA.  The phone number is easy read and memorable.  1-800-THINK-FAST.  By presenting just the phone number call to action that is helpful rather than pushy.
Here is one final example.  The Chili Philosopher.  Again, their primary focus is well placed on their branding and their food.  They do have a call to action on this truck.  You will find it up above the drivers side window.  "Let Us Cater Your Next Event"  followed by their phone number.  This is a great CTA as it extends their business from a here-and-now food truck service to a service that can cater to your specific needs.  
In today's information age, the next action a viewer is likely to take if they are interested in your product or service is to Google you or call you.  These days, most people will Google you first.  So consider your name, URL and phone number your CTA's.  Make sure they are legible so an interested prospect can reach you.  And remember, presenting your contact information is helpful. P.S. They already know you would like them to call. ;-)

There you have it.  The "C"  (or CTA) in the ABC's of effective fleet wraps.  Do you have a CTA on your commercial vehicles graphics?  We love sharing examples.  It can be as simple as a phone number or URL.  Or perhaps you are able to move a prospect forward through their buyers journey with a unique CTA based on a customer insight.  We look forward to seeing what you've got. 

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