What Goldfish Can Teach Us About Vehicle Wraps

by Deborah Scott on September 21, 2017

How's Your Attention Span?

Gold Fish Attention Span.jpg

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the average customer’s attention span is eight seconds, down from 12 seconds in 2000. That is officially less than the attention span of a goldfish (nine seconds). Our capacity to focus on one thing is diminishing, making that initial impression critical.

You've got 2-4 seconds to earn attention with your vehicle graphics.

If it takes the human brain less than a second to interpret a single image, that leaves a potential customer more than seven seconds to engage with your brand and learn more about your business. Read more about how  Effective vehicle graphics can help you lead potential customers through their buyers journey to your product or service

Case in Point

Check out how these two plumbing companies approach vehicle graphics:


Plumber Wrap.png

  • Which plumber are you most likely to remember next time you need a plumber?
  • Do slick graphics leave you with the impression that a company is more trustworthy or less trustworthy?  Maybe it doesn't leave an impression either way?
  • How  much information do you realistically need or want to read about specific plumbing services?
  • Are you really going to remember phone numbers (or multiple phone numbers) when you are traveling down the road at 55 mph?  Even 25 mph?

The internet is our marketing partner. It used to be that your vehicle graphics needed to be like a yellow pages ad - remember those?  They delivered condensed information about your business.  In fact, they were once the best source of information available to a prospective customer.  It goes without saying, companies are now judged by word-of-mouth, their websites and independent customer reviews.  So seriously consider your top three objectives you want to accomplish in those precious 8 seconds   (remember we only have an 8 second average attention span ;-) ) 

  1. Get Attention!!!! (or you've got nothing)
  2. Display your brand visually in a memorable way
  3. Help people quickly understand your goods or services

Neither company shown above is a client of Riveting Wraps.  It is important to note, Beacon Plumbing is a well established plumbing company in the Pacific Northwest.  So those familiar with the Beacon brand may have no problem recalling this company next time they need a plumber.  In fact, for this long standing brand, the text heavy design has some retro-charm and leaves an impression about the brand even if the viewer never actually reads it.  ;-)

More Resources

Interested in learning more about optimizing your fleet wrap designs?  Lessons from Goldilocks (and goldfish of course) can point you in the right direction to fleet wraps that are "just right".

Ready to get started with your own attention grabbing vehicle wrap advertising?  

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