What is a Wrap Kit? Why Great Wrap Kits Result in Great Fleet Graphics

by McKinley McGinn on July 29, 2016

What are wrap kits?

Riveting_Wraps_Vehicle_Wrap_Kits_Seattle_WA.jpgWrap kit is the term used to describe a package that includes all the printed pieces of vinyl, instructions and other information required for a complete vehicle wrap.  (Kitting is the term used to describe the process of creating these kits - clever, right?!)  As a client with a fleet of vehicles in multiple locations, you may never see a kit, but the quality of those kits and the timing of their delivery will have a big impact on the quality of your fleet graphics and minimizing the time your fleet vehicles are out of service. 

Getting the Best Wraps for Your Multi-Location Fleet

As much as we love wrapping vehicles, not all wraps can take place in our studio. Sometimes we have responsibility for wrapping multiple vehicles across multiple states. Easy enough for any one to understand that it would be prohibitively expensive to bring all the vehicles to our Bellevue, WA wrap facility. Instead, we print and laminate all the graphics, trim and label them, prepare and print installation instructions and "kit" them up and ship them to our trusted installation affiliates across the country. The process of putting this all together is called kitting.

Great Wrap Kits = Happy Installers = Great Fleet Wraps

multi-state_fleet_wrap_kits_Riveting_Wraps_Seattle_WA.jpgAt Riveting Wraps, we begin with the end in mind.  Providing our installers with complete, professional fleet wrap kits, on schedule, is key a successful vehicle wraps installation. 

Companies that do not begin with the end (or the happiness of the installer) in mind will lack clear procedures around this process or rush through the kitting process.  This more often than not results in missing pieces, late delivery or unclear instructions.  These errors can cost the client service time for their vehicle while a second installation is scheduled to install that missing panel. 


In the end, what we want most of all is happy clients who have confidence in our work and our service.  By delivering exceptional wrap kits, we are able to attract the best installers in the industry to support our clients nationwide fleets.  The best installer want to work with companies that help them do their job well.

Quality Only Begins with the Right Materials

New Call-to-actionVehicle wrap companies have learned that many buyers think using the right materials is the only important criteria to evaluate a quality wrap.  And it certainly is an important criteria. But how the material is printed, handled and installed are equally important.  Learn more getting a high quality wrap.

These vehicle wrap failures can come with a very steep price.  Get the straight facts on vehicle wrapping, contact Riveting Wraps at (425) 368-5007 or email us at hello@rivetingwraps.com. 

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