You Dress for Success - Your Fleet Should Too! Vehicle Graphics are Key

by Tim McVickar on March 6, 2017


Agree You Should Dress for Success? Your Fleet Vehicles Should Too
According to the article “What it Really Means to Dress for Success” published by Forbes, it is impossible to not communicate. Communication is not only a verbal action, it also involves what is seen and observed.

While we are told to not “judge a book by its cover”, people subconsciously make judgments based off of appearance. You may be wondering how this applies to your fleet vehicles, however there are a lot of parallels between them and dressing for success.

First Impressions Matter

This concept that we were taught when we were growing up still holds true today. Before you have actually met someone and shaken their hand, they have already formed an impression of you along with judgments and preconceptions. Sounds harsh, right? Well, this can actually be used to your advantage. Importantly, the judgments of first impressions applies not only to people, but to brands and businesses as well. notes their article "Why Appearances Matter" that appearance is about more than showing up.   They take the conversation from personal appearance to influence.  While the article begins with personal appearance, they understand that ultimately brand impressions are formed by the whole package - people and marketing

"...the physical appearance plays a role but when you are looking forward and looking to grow your brand, which encompasses seeking to improve your influence, it is all about how you appear."

Look Sharp! Prospective Customers Will See You Before You See Them

Your website or signage that people see before they become acquainted with your business are the first impressions that they have of your company. For many people, the first impression they ever have of your company is seeing your vehicle wraps and graphics on the road. Make this first impression a good one! Make sure your logo, brand name, and contact information are clearly visible.

Prius_Vehicle_Wraps_Graphics_Riveting_Wraps_Bellevue_WA.jpgIt is easy to think, great looking fleet graphics only make sense for larger companies. But we can tell you differently.  Bite Squad, who now has a large fleet in multiple cities began with only one vehicle.  It is by managing their image and service that they continue to grow and be successful.  

custom partial wrap for Ford Transit Connect Riveting Wraps Seattle WA.jpgApple-a-Day began with an idea to deliver fresh healthy snacks to businesses.  Here is the first delivery van we designed, produced and wrapped for them.  Those thousands of quality first impressions this vehicle has created everyday while making deliveries has helped them grow and add additional vehicles to their fleet.  When someone sees an Apple-a-Day van on the road, it creates a powerfully positive and memorable first impression.

Commanding of Respect with Quality Vehicle Graphics

You do not want to be seen as unprofessional with poorly installed graphics.  In fact, poor graphics can actually undermine your efforts to build your business.   Not only should the installation job be done professionally, but the overall design of the graphics is equally important.  Just as a professionally dressed individual is seen as more reliable, aesthetically pleasing graphics that communicate your business proposition well, will be looked at with more respect and taken more seriously.

Do your vehicles portray your brand in a way that creates a great first impression?  Enjoy all the benefits and growth vehicle advertising can bring to your business.  We're here to help!

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