You'll Never Guess What Vehicle Wraps & Shower Curtains Have in Common

by Deborah Scott on July 31, 2018

Riveting Wraps shower curtain on van

Why the Heck are We Talking About Shower Curtains?

At first thought, you might think this article is about the materials that go into making shower curtains and vinyl vehicle wraps.  Both may be made with vinyl.  But that's not it.

Not only do we want to write about shower curtains, but we want to write about cheap shower curtains.  I know this is strange, but play along with us for a minute. 

If you purchase a hotel and ask your new accountant to make a recommendation on which shower curtains to purchase, they might suggest you choose cheap shower curtains. After all, if you save $50 a room and have 200 + rooms, that can add up to some real savings.

On the other hand, an experienced hotel manager would know cheap shower curtains let water leak out onto the floor, every day, room after room. The cheap curtains also attract mold and mildew.  And finally, they breakdown and wear out faster - requiring replacement.

In other words, cheap shower curtains aren't actually cheap.  It is the premium shower curtains that are the better economic value - they pay for themselves in the long run.  

Now the problem is, the phrase quality pays for itself sounds a bit cheesy.  If we had started this article with that phrase, would you even be reading this far?  Even if it is a true statement, nobody wants to be "sold".  So we all have to take on the challenge to collect information and evidence that demonstrates how this phrase might or might not be true in all our purchasing decisions.

So back to the shower curtain example.  If you buy the high quality shower curtains, it will cost you more up front than if you bought the cheap ones.  That much is obvious.  But will quality actually pay for itself?  In the short term, the new accountant, can do less work and look smart by recommending the cheap option and saving the company money up front.  It takes a more work do the analysis and justify your decision to purchase the higher quality curtains.  But to make a smart, informed decision we've got to do our homework and determine what is right for our situation.  Ask the tough questions.  Find out quantitatively and qualitatively how the quality will pay for itself.  


  • The higher quality shower curtains does not need to be replaced as frequently
  • The higher quality shower curtains prevent expensive repairs to ongoing damage to floors, walls and ceilings
  • The higher quality shower curtains cost more


  • Guests know a cheap shower curtain when they see one
  • The cheap curtains, smelly mildew and damaged floors will cause guests to reconsider your brand/hotel
  • Guests may choose another hotel for their next visit

Even though we can't quantify all the trade offs, it isn't that difficult to conclude that the cheap curtains are a bad decision - even if we rule out the qualitative factors.   In fact, quality hotels have come to view shower curtains as a point of differentiation.  It signals to guests a quality hotel allowing the hotel to charge higher prices.  Some high end hotel chains even sell their beautiful shower curtains to their guests.  Hilton to Home

How Vehicle Wraps are Like Shower Curtains

Metaphorically, there are cheap shower curtain decisions everywhere.  Whether you are making decisions about materials, products, services, personal, or advertising - it should always come back to the customer experience you are want to create to build your business.   Building a great customer experience leads to a long term thriving business.

Now You Probably Know Where this is Going...

Value of quality vehicle wraps-1Quality vehicle wraps and graphics pay for themselves!!!  Ta-da!  We'll give you a minute to get over the shock of that statement.

Let's look at it both quantitatively and qualitatively.


  • Quality design that grabs attention and has the right communication hierarchy attracts new customers and makes your brand memorable
  • Properly installed graphics by experienced trained wrap installers last longer - always ask about the installer training and certifications
  • Quality materials like 3M or Avery premium vehicle wrap vinyls last longer and are designed specifically for the complex contours of vehicles (This is NOT sign making vinyl)
  • Quality materials like 3M or Avery premium vehicle wrap over-laminates extend the life of the wrap or graphics (This is NOT sign making over-laminates)
  • Cheap off brand vinyls can damage paint on the vehicle costing money to repair or depleting resale value.
  • Calendared vinyls (sign vinyls) made by many companies, including 3M and Avery, will shrink and expand with temperature changes causing dirty adhesive edges around the graphics
  • Companies that follow manufacturers recommended printing and installation guidelines can offer a warranty on your investment
  • Free design may not = effective design. Love your design first before committing to the wraps or graphics.  High quality graphics on a poor design is throwing good money after bad.
  • Companies that adhere to the agreed to graphics installation schedule minimize the time your vehicle is out of services


  • Well designed graphics create a positive impression of your brand
  • Quality, undamaged graphics portray you as a company that cares how they look, pays attention to details, and does not cut corners
  • The longer your graphics are on your vehicle the more the opportunity to attract new customers
  • Damaged graphics reflect poorly on your brand and business

Every interaction with your customer or prospective customer matters.  If you are not sure how this works for your business, consider mapping out the customer experience, which often begins long before they talk to you or walk into your space.   See this great article in Start Up Grind on what customer experience mapping is and how to do it.  

Your vehicle wraps and graphics are definitely one of the first interactions some of your customers have with your brand - before you will ever know that they will become a customer.  For a more quantitative analysis of what quality vehicle graphics can do to help you grow your business see Easy Math to Determine if Vehicle Wraps are Right for Your Business

We are here to help you make the best choice for your business vehicles.  We believe great visual communications make great things happen, especially when done with responsibility and integrity for your business.  We give you the tools to make that decision for yourself so we don't have to tell you that "quality will pay for itself."  :-)  For more help making choices about wrapping your vehicles check out  What to Ask Before You Wrap .  We are here to help you grow your business, so give us a call at 425-368-5007 or email us at   We look forward to working with you!

New Call-to-actionThe professional vehicle graphics team at Riveting Wraps is committed to delivering quality products and services to meet our clients' needs and goals. Learn more about the Riveting Wraps DifferenceGive us a call today at (425) 368-5007 or email us at 



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