Your Forecast: Upcoming Temperatures Can Compromise Your Vehicle Wraps

by Deborah Scott on August 25, 2018

Riveting Wraps How Temperature Affects Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

Vehicle wraps are best installed between about 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  According to the top vehicle wrap manufacturer's, Avery and 3M,  these are the perfect temperatures for a successful long term vehicle wrap.  Vinyl wrap films adapt very quickly to the temperature of the work space.  But a cold day in January or hot day in August shouldn't stop you from getting wraps and graphics installed on your new fleet vehicles.  A professional wrap company will have a clean, dry, temperature controlled facility to to create the perfect conditions necessary for a high quality wrap.

If you are not in the business of wrapping vehicles, you are probably not familiar with some of the requirements for a successful long term wrap.  But as a business owner or employee looking to have graphics or wraps applied to your vehicles, you want to be sure to invest wisely for long term results.  Installation work space management is an important detail to consider when choosing a wrap company to work with. 

It's Just Vehicle Graphics. What Can Go Wrong?

Too Cold 

o-BUFFIf the vehicle, vinyl and work space are too cold, the wrap vinyl becomes stiff and difficult to conform to the complex shapes and curves of a vehicle.  Not only will this make wrapping the vehicle more difficult and time consuming for the wrap installer, it will also affect how well the self-adhesive vinyl bonds to the vehicle surface.  Lower temperatures restrict good adhesion properties, which increase the risk of a graphic failure due to low levels of adhesion.

Too Hot

Riveting Wraps Precision Door Services Franchise Wrap RAM 1500  San Diego CAWhen the vinyl and work space are too hot, the vinyl becomes too soft, stretchy and pliable.  This makes the vinyl difficult to handle.  In the process of adjusting the position of the vinyl wrap, it may overstretch.  Additionally, when wrapping across compound curves or recessed areas, it can be impossible not to overstretch the vinyl, causing color variations in the overstretched areas.  The work space should be cooled to the proper temperatures.  Alternatively, some installers choose to work at night or in early mornings for the best temperatures and wrap results.

Why Would Temperature Affect the Time It Takes to Wrap Your Vehicle?

Prior to wrapping or installing graphics on your car, truck or van, the installer needs to get the vehicle surface to the best temperature.  In hot or cold climates/seasons, you will be asked to bring in your vehicle the evening before it is wrapped so that it can be parked inside and warm up or cool down to the optimal temperature for a successful install.  For "placed" graphics (precision cut logos and text placed on vehicle rather than a full or partial wrap) you may only need to bring your vehicle in first thing in the morning so that the vehicle surface has a few hours to adjust.
0429Wet weather like, rain or snow, may also affect install time.  Your vehicles need to be dry for graphics adhesion.   For vehicles located in a rainy climate like Seattle or snowy climate like Buffalo, you will be asked to drop off your vehicle the day before installation so it has time to dry before the graphics are applied.
Once the vehicle is wrapped, there is usually a 12-24 hour cure time for the adhesive on your wrap to set.  This may or may not need to be done on site.  Again it depends on the climate and outdoor temperatures.  We recommend that the vinyl adhesive be allowed to set at 50+ degrees before the vehicle is put back into service.  In cold climates, the vehicle may need to be kept at the installation garage overnight.   
Want to learn more?  Get all the info directly from the manufacturers' specification sheets for the highest quality long term vehicle wrap vinyls Avery and 3M.

Vehicle Wrap Time is Money

You want your vehicle wrapped fast.  Every day your vehicle is out of services impacts the bottom line of your business.  We understand.  Strong project management allows us to adhere to a schedule that has your vehicle in and out as quickly as possible without compromising the long term performance of your wrap

For a lasting quality wrap, there is more to know then just the vinyl type and price.  Check out  What to Ask Before You Wrap .  We are here to help you grow your business, so give us a call at 425-368-5007 or email us at   We look forward to working with you!

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