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Can I get a leased vehicle wrapped or have rear window graphics applied to it?

Most of the time this shouldn't be an issue. Make sure  to review your lease or rental agreement to see if there's any information about vehicle wraps, and consider reaching out to the company you are leasing from. Overall, this shouldn't be an issue though.

Can the cost of a vehicle wrap or rear window graphic make up for the cost of itself quickly?

Vehicle wraps have a high return on investment. We've build a calculator that lets you plug in your companies numbers and see how quickly you can break even. Check it out here!

Are rear window graphics legal in every state?

Laws will vary between states so make sure to review your states laws before applying rear window graphics to your vehicle.

In Washington, window perf is legal as long as the drivers vision is not restricted. A rule of thumb for visibility with window perf is: the more vertical the window, the more visibility you'll have. We look at your windshield before applying window perf to make sure you'll still be able to see if it's too vertical. In this case, we would change the design and use cut vinyl instead that would be simple lettering rather than a full window cover.

What are the benefits of a vehicle wrap?

So, so many. To name a few, unlike a paint job it doesn't affect the resale value of the vehicle, it doesn't void a leased vehicle warranty, costs much less, can look much better than paint, are completely customizable, easier to patch area if there's an accident, cheaper to wrap one part of a vehicle than get it painted, and hides dings and scratches. Most importantly, because of it's fully customizable nature, it will get your business noticed.

What are the benefits of a rear window graphic?

Rear window graphics are 100% removable within the warranty period, they are fully customizable, cheaper than a vehicle wrap, don't damage your vehicle like magnets can, are allowed in most leasing contracts, and most importantly, it draws attention to your vehicle to help get your company noticed.

What's the difference between a commercial wrap and a color change wrap?

A color change wrap essential replaces painting a vehicle. This means that there is no spot on the car where the original paint on the vehicle should show. In this case we make sure to apply to apply vinyl to the entire surface area (including up to the inside of the door jam). This takes a lot more time, making it more expensive.

A commercial wrap is designed to but a companies logo and contact information on a vehicle with an attention grabbing design. Because the focal point is on the content on the outside, we do not apply vinyl up to the very edge inside a vehicle. We do this to save you some money because of the extra work that it takes, and because no one will see these areas of the car except for the driver, so it's not distracting to the viewer.

We can however do either of these kinds, although we default to a commercial wrap. If you'd like the elements of a color change wrap but with your own commercial design, just let us know!


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