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Custom Vehicle Graphics for Vans

Peloton Mercedes Sprinter Van wrap Matte Black by Riveting Wraps Seattle WACompany vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, but the trusty work van is one of the most common. Custom van branding transforms these generic vehicles into a true member of your workforce. Companies with a professional van fleet maximize their vehicle investments by the advertising power of custom vehicle graphics. From spot graphics to full van wraps, our team specializes in quality custom van graphics and lettering for companies nationwide.

Our custom van graphic services range form original design collaboration to experienced installation. With each step client's are provided with high quality van graphic services and products to fit their unique objectives and vehicle models. By balancing a detailed approach with exceptional service we aim to provide an enjoyable customer experience and exceptional finished product. We enjoy working with businesses as diverse as the van wraps we craft; from small business owners to corporate marketing teams.

15-Passenger-Transit-Van-Graphics-Lodge-Ketchikan-Alaska-Riveting-WrapsCommercial van graphics are great real estate!  That space on the sides and rear of your van is valuable real estate for promoting your company image. Vans have large and relatively flat areas ideal for displaying custom graphics and lettering. Combined with a high viewer impression rate and long shelf-life, you've got an excellent marketing tool just waiting to work for you. Visit our van wrap portfolio for inspiration on how we can help brand your company vans.

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Van Wrap Design Inspiration


Each project is designed to fit your brand, goals, budget, and exact vehicle model. From original van wrap to existing van fleet, we design van solutions that fit!


Quality cast vinyl materials produced by the best brands in the industry are used to ensure the durability and vibrancy of your custom van graphics. 


A layer of lamination is added to the printed van graphics to reinforce protection against scratching, abrasion, UV rays, and other environmental conditions. 


A Certified Van wrap installer applies sophistication and meticulous attention to detail to guarantee the best execution of any vehicle wraps and graphics. 

A great wrap company provides excellent services that accommodate to clients' needs.
They offers design, production, installation, and project management services to provide a smooth flow of the vehicle graphics project.


According to the IRS, commercial graphics for vans and other work vehicles are tax deductible for businesses using them for advertising purposes.


The application of delivery and service van wraps and graphics is a great tool that helps businesses in achieving Marketing, Sales, and Organization Development goals and KPIs.


Our vehicle wrap and graphic materials have built-in qualities that help them endure weather conditions like rain, sun, and snow for long-lasting results.


Take good care of your van wraps and graphics! A dirty van not only undermines your brand image but also shortens the life span for your wraps and graphics.

Van Graphic Costs & ROIs

Investing in a fleet of service and delivery vans is expensive. However, it is mandatory for business needs, service enhancement, and organization expansion. The addition of van wraps and graphics is just a bigger bang for the buck. Aside from performing services and deliveries, the van also becomes the face of the brand that promotes and advertises. This opens up opportunities for sales growth, store traffic increase, and bigger customer base.  


When measuring the cost-effectiveness of different marketing tools, including TV, magazine, newspaper, radio, outdoor billboards, and vehicle advertising, vehicle wraps and fleet graphics' results came to the top. A study by 3M, one of the top selected brands for vinyl materials, discovered that fleet graphics have the lowest average cost/thousand impressions ($0.48) compared to vehicle wraps ($0.77), outdoor ads ($3.56), radio ($7.75), newspaper ($19.70), magazine ($21.46), and television ($23.70). 

According to Geopath, vehicle wraps make 30,000 to 70,000 daily impressions. Local delivery vans, for instance, make 43,836 daily impressions or 16 million annual impressions. The American Trucking Association's statistic pointed out that 29% of viewers would make a purchase based on the vehicle ad they saw. That would roughly generate 4.6 million transactions from viewers that saw a local delivery van with wrap advertisement. 

The break-even for van wraps and graphics can be easily calculated with the cost of the wrap and the gross margin per unit for the product/service advertised. The result indicates how many additional sales have to be made to cover the expense over time. As the life span of a quality van wrap can last for years, the cost, when spread over the life of the graphics, is minimal relative to the increase in revenue brought by the vehicle advertising.

Vehicle Wraps Break Even Calculator Riveting Wraps

Design and Messaging

The design of van wraps and graphics determine its effectiveness in getting a message across to your target audiences.  A picture speaks a thousand words, and the layout, color, and content of vehicle wraps and graphics form that impactful visual presentation. 


There are five aspects to pay attention to when designing van wraps and graphics: target audience, brand characteristics, budget, goals, and campaign consistency. Each of these factors affect the van wrap design, deciding whether it would be simple logo and lettering, partial wrap, full wrap, or rear window graphics and the contents that would be on it. Brand name, logo, and character, specialty, certifications, accomplishments, and contact are some of the essential information that are most often included on a van wrap or graphics. Before putting the design to production, the wrap company would presented with a design proof that shows the design from all sides of the vehicle using a template of the exact vehicle make and model. Below are some of the common van types businesses use for their service and delivery fleet:


Van wraps and graphics come to life by going through the processes of design, fabrication, schedule, and installation.Fleet_graphics_fabrication_process_riveting_wraps_bellevue_wa

Material selection, printing and laminating, and cutting are the three procedures in the fabrication of van wraps and graphics. The dedication and sophistication input in these steps create impressive visual communications on vans. Last but not least, the installation team puts the vinyl pieces together and transform the plain van into mobile billboard.  


Material Selection

Premium grade vinyl material, cast vinyls, are recommended for van wraps and graphics. The cast material is durable, UV resistant, comes in different shades of colors, and is available in both matte finish and gloss finish. Calendared vinyl, vinyl commonly used by sign businesses, should be used only for short term wraps.  But be advised, this less expensive vinyl is not recommended for long term wraps. It shrinks over time, leaving gaps and sticky residue, and will not conform around contours on the vehicle. 

Printing and Laminating

After verifying the van wrap design with the client, the file will be sent to Riveting Wraps' in-house wide format HP latex printer to begin production. Our studio selects latex ink instead of solvent ink as it releases no toxic substances and guarantees vibrant colors. Once the graphics are printed, it will go through lamination to enhance its surface with a layer of protection that prevent abrasion, scratches, and UV rays.

custom printing and laminating for premium commercial sprinter van wraps and graphics Riveting Wraps.jpg
service van lettering riveting wraps seattle bellevue.jpg

Precision Cutting

After printing, the vinyl graphics have to be cut according to the dimensions of the vehicle or the designed layout. Precision cutting is done by a digital cutter that already had the shape programmed in the computer. Before installation, the unwanted trims and borders from the carved vinyl had to be removed. This step is called "weeding." All these preparations ensure a smooth installation. 


Installation is the final step of van wraps and graphics fabrication and is the step that requires strong attention to detail. A professional wrap installer uses tools such as squeegee, knifeless tapes, and heat guns to help with the application of the vinyl graphics. The conformity of the graphics to the shape of the vehicle and the adherence of the vinyl to the vehicle surface depend on the installer's technical skills and expertise. 

Riveting Wraps wrapping ford transit for local franchise owner Bellevue WA.jpg

Graphics Care

Ensure Your Brand Looks Good At All Times

With the branded van wraps and graphics, the service van or delivery van now becomes a brand ambassador for your business. Regular cleaning and care is essential for the upkeep of both brand image and van graphics condition. The dirt particles, tree saps, and bird droppings that the vehicle caught during its daily commute not only spoils the pristine brand image nurtured in viewers' impressions but also shortens the life span of the vehicle advertisement. (learn more about the consequences of a dirty van wrap).

Some proper maintenance tips for van wraps and graphics include:

  • Washing the vehicle on a weekly basis
  • Avoiding strong chemicals and waxes.  
  • Cleaning off road debris like salt and ice quickly to avoid scratches and scuffs
  • Parking vehicles indoors when possible to protect them from the elements and damaging UV rays

Follow Riveting Wraps' van graphics cleaning checklist to give the best care and maintenance to your vehicles.

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Know More About Van Wraps And Graphics - One Of Your Strongest Advertising Channels! 

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