Design & Image Files FAQ

How do I make sure the wrap will look good?

Before we print our apply your wrap or graphic, we go through a proofing process with you. We have a few rounds of proofing to make sure that you are satisfied with everything shown. This is your chance to check for typos, misprints, color changes, etc. As soon as you give us the go ahead on the proof we start producing your graphic.

How do I submit artwork/files?

There area number of ways to get artwork files to us. Most people choose to send their artwork to us at or upload the artwork on the website through our secured link. Additionally, you can bring it in on a flashdrive, DVD, or CD if you prefer.

What is the best format for artwork?

Vector or line format are the best types for us because of their ability to be scaled and reproduced without losing the quality of the image. Additionally, colors should be specified as CMYK, PMS, or pantone.

How can I tell if my file is a vector file?

The easiest way to tell is by zooming in on your image. If you see a lot of pixilation, then you do not have a vector image. If you look at an edge and see sharp lines and clean smooth edges, then you do have a vectorized image.

 What do I do if my artwork isn't saved in a vector file?

It's not the end of the world if you don't. We can vectorize any image, even if it means re-drawing it. Please contact us for an estimate for vectorizing your image.

 What resolution is best for artwork?

Please send artwork with 150 dpi, or a one-inch to one-foot ratio.

What is dpi?

Dpi stands for dots per inch and refers to the standard measurement of resolution of images. If the image has a higher dpi, it has a higher resolution, meaning the final product will be higher quality.

What is color management?

Color management is making sure the colors you have on your logo, image, or design will match the way they are printed in our studio. We use CMYMK, PMS, and pantone colors to make sure that we are consistent with what you see and what gets applied to your vehicle.


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