Design Requirements for Vehicle Graphics

Here's What We Consider Print Ready Artwork

  • We have the full adobe suite, however do nearly all our designing in Illustrator with some other pieces in photoshop.
  • Files created using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop are preferred. If the design is made through a different program, designs can also be submitted through programs based in .eps or .pdf vector files. We can also submit raster images if they are submitted as .pdf, .tif, .eps, or .jpeg documents.
  • If you scan an image, please give it to us as a .eps, .tif, or .psd at full size at a resolution of 50 PPI or higher. The higher the resolution you can send us, the better the image will appear on the final product.
  • If you know or can find the name of the font for your text, be sure to provide us with that as well. It will speed up the process and ensure that what we use will pefectly match your brand.
  • If your design includes text or logos, please submit these as vector files as well (preferably in Adobe Illustrator).
  • When submitting, make sure to include all the information listed above.
  • To submit artwork, please email it to us, or upload it here. We also will take artwork from a flashdrive, CD, or DVD if you prefer this method.

New Call-to-actionIf you have any questions on if your artwork is print ready, contact us and let us know. We are more than happy to help talk you through it.

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