3 Types Of Food Truck Graphics That Attract Customers

by Yuki Chan on May 29, 2017


A food truck is highly recognizable because of these two characteristics: its irresistibly delicious food smell and its eye-catching vehicle graphics. Food truck wraps and graphics, in particular, are a beacon for hungry customers when deciding on a particular food truck. And since food trucks are mobile restaurants, the food truck graphics are the necessary "outdoor signage" that assure patrons they've arrived at the correct destination. The unique and custom food truck graphics not only showcases the food truck's offerings but also attracts customers while it is on the road. There are three types of graphics food trucks can adopt to make its existence outstanding and appealing:

1) Food Truck Wraps And Graphics

2 mcdonalds food truck wrap riveting wraps bellevue Seattle WA.jpgFood truck wraps and graphics can be placed everywhere on the surface of the food truck. However, the left and right sides of the vehicle are definitely the spots that must have graphics. They have the largest surface areas that best feature the food truck's brand and offerings. The vibrant and vivid graphics set up a vibe that reflects the origin or culture of the authentic cuisine. The great food smell, accompanied by the eye-catching graphics, make the food truck more inviting to its viewers (learn about why catering wraps and graphics make food more appealing). 

2) Food Truck Window Graphics

food_truck_service_window_graphics_menu_Riveting_Wraps_Seattle_WA.jpgAll food trucks and food trailers need to have a service window for sales and services. And close by the window, it is where the business' menu will be placed. Some businesses have a written or printed menu that listed out all their food offerings. Customers will choose from the menu and then place their orders at the window. Food truck window graphics are a good way for these mobile restaurants to present their food options as well. Food trucks usually have a limited menu options and they have signature dishes it is famous for. Window graphics are descriptive expressions of these dishes. It inform new customers about what they can order and establishes customers' expectations of their food. Visual communication is scientifically agreed to be more effective communication than texts. Food truck window graphics can be easily updated and they give customers a visual "taste" of the food before they try it.

3) Food Truck Rear Graphics

McDonalds Food truck black vinyl wrap Riveting Wraps Seattle WA.jpgA food truck needs to be seen from all angles and vehicle wraps and graphics help achieve that. The hood, the driver's side, the passenger's side, the service window, and of course, its rear, should all be equipped with graphics that show its branding. Food truck rear graphics reinforce the business' brand, especially to drivers who drive behind it during its commute. According to research, Seattle commuters spend an average of 63 hours per year being stuck in traffic. During these boring waiting hours, it is certain that the rear of the vehicle in front will be brought to the follow-by driver's attention (especially a unique vehicle with vehicle graphics). In addition, "food" came as two of the subjects drivers think about when they drive. Here is an article about West Coast States' Rules And Regulations On Rear Window Graphics

Tempting Invitation To Delicious Street Food

Food truck or food trailer graphics transform the vehicle into a four dimensional billboard that alluringly promote the mobile restaurant. The impressive design of the vehicle and the yummy food send out an irresistible invitation to the neighborhoods and communities the vehicle serves. See more food truck and trailer graphics in Riveting Wraps' Portfolio.

New Call-to-actionInvest on your food service vehicle graphics, they are just as important as why you would dress yourself for success. Riveting Wraps supports food truck businesses with comprehensive food service vehicle graphics servicesGive us a call at (425) 368-5007 or email us at hello@rivetingwraps.com. 

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