Ride With Pride! 3 Types Of Value-Adding School Vehicle Graphics

by Yuki Chan on March 1, 2017

School buses, campus security vehicles, and school members' vehicles are three types of vehicles that can be commonly found on campuses. These cars each delivers different convenience and functions to education institutions' members, including students, faculties, parents, etc.. By applying vehicle wraps and graphics on these school vehicles, it highlights their presences as relevant campus vehicles and enhance their functions.

School Bus Wraps And Graphics

school_bus_graphics_Riveting_Wraps_Bellevue_WA.jpgThere are two types of school buses, the iconic yellow bus and the multifunction school activity bus (MFSAB). Both of these school buses' responsibility is to transport students to and from school, home, or out of campus locations for extra-curricular activities. Under the state law, yellow school buses that offer regular commute between school and home are mandatory to only install designated school bus graphics. On the other hand, graphics of activity school bus that has ten or less seats are not regulated. Schools and education institutions can install vibrantly colored school bus wraps and graphics that best portray their images and values. Click to learn more about these two types of school bus vehicle graphics requirements. In addition to being a transport, vehicle wraps and graphics add the following functions to school bus:

  • Provide Information: the school bus graphics indicate the school name, the school district, and other law required information on the vehicle body. Not only that it is in compliance with the law, it also enables students to easily identify their rides.
  • Enhance Students' Sense Of Belongingness: seeing a vehicle that belongs to their school triggers students' sense of belongingness to their institution. At the same time, it educates them about their school values and spirits.
  • Ensure Safe Traveling: whether it is a yellow bus or a MFSAB, the school graphics on their vehicle body is a signal to fellow road users that the vehicle is transporting students and they should pay attention and drive safely.

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Campus Security Vehicle Wraps And Graphics

Gonzaga University Campus Patrol Vehicle.jpgBusy patrolling around campus day and night, campus security vehicles' duty is to assist campus security officers to oversee safety on school grounds. Many schools, such as the Washington State University and the Gonzaga University, even offer 24/7 escort services to accompany students to and from locations around campus. A campus safety vehicle is considered as an authority vehicle on campus. The campus security vehicle graphics are an indicator to students, faculties, parents, and visitors that this is a vehicle they can approach for help. Prominently pointing out campus security vehicles' existence on campus establishes a safe learning and living environment for students. To sum that up, campus safety vehicle wraps and graphics reinforce safety and security to campus members

School Members' Vehicle Wraps And Graphics


School members' vehicles are the transports that take students, faculties, and parents to school. Not all of these vehicles have school graphics on them, and the possession is absolutely by choice. The adoption of a small decal or bumper sticker featuring a school logo, emblem, mascot, or a cheer for the school sports team, such as "Go Huskies," is a symbolism of school pride. Essentially, it is the same principle as why school members purchase school merchandises, such as college jerseys, stationery, decorations, etc.. According to a research by a McKendree University scholar, her studies pointed out that students' school commitment, attachment, and belief in school rules have a positive correlation with their attitude toward school, which is a key factor that increases students' intentions to buy school merchandises. Just like why we would buy a certain style of clothes, our vehicle graphics speak our identity, and the education institutions we belong to definitely make up a significant portion of that identity.

Riveting Wraps installed rear window graphics for the private vehicle of Leadership Prepatory Academy's Principal (as shown above). Click to learn more about this project!

Value-Adding School Vehicle Graphics

New Call-to-actionSchools offer a supportive environment to its members. And school vehicles are tools that enrich students' school experiences. As an add-on to school vehicles, one of school vehicle graphics' most important benefits is to showcase school pride. It is a facilitator that connects schools with their students, parents, faculties, board members, and the local communities.

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