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Custom Vehicle Graphics for Fleets


A fleet refers to a group of vehicles operated by the same company or organization. These fleets are a sign of an established business, but can also be an effective tool in growth. Custom wraps and graphics for fleets have tremendous brand power. When done well, fleet vehicle wraps increase consumer recognition of the company they represent.

At Riveting Wraps we specialize in graphic solutions for fleets nationwide. From fleet managers to business owners, we enjoy working with a range of clients both near and far. Our team can assist in managing large fleets across the United States by tracking vehicles, producing graphic kits, and coordinating installation services. Our project management services provide clients a sense of ease and confidence with every vehicle.

Our fleet wrap services go beyond great project management. Graphic design, fabrication, installation - we've got the experts, and expertise, to provide customers with the advice and service they need to build a great fleet. We take this a step even further by utilizing premium wrap medias, lamination processes, and certified installers.


Be Inspired By....


A specialized fleet vehicle graphic designer prepares an eye catching design for your vehicle that works specifically for your brand or business. 



The fleet wrap or graphics are created using colored vehicle wrap vinyl or printed on special self-adhesive vinyl formulated specifically for vehicles.


The printed graphics are laminated with a premium long term laminate to extend the life of the fleet wrap and protect the print from scratching, abrasion, UV rays and other environmental elements.



A highly skilled vehicle wrap installer will apply your custom fleet graphics onto your vehicles. They are trained to create long-lasting results with the best industry techniques.



Well cared for graphics can last up
to seven years, sometimes more.  Warranties vary - for example;
3M warrants printed graphics for clean removal with in 4 years on vertical surfaces depending on your geography and climate.


Fleet wrap pricing is generally based on the amount of graphics installed on the vehicle and we can work with you to define and work within a set budget for each vehicle.


Premium vehicle wrap vinyls are ideal for OEM vehicle paint under 5 years - note warranties vary for wraps over clear coats, body work or after market paint.


There are many ways to wrap a vehicle. Our team chooses to use quality materials and practices to provide a higher level of service for our clients.


Informed buyers are smart buyers. We encourage clients to ask questions throughout the process and make sure we are the right provider for their project.

Costs and ROIs

If you are in fleet or operations management, you likely have objectives tied to running a smooth operationcost containment and minimizing vehicle down time.  On the other hand, if you work in marketing, you want to bring in new customers while maximizing your marketing budget return on investment.  Fleet vehicle wraps and graphics cross both disciplines and satisfy overall company objectives.


The cost of vehicle wraps and graphics can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand depending on the complexity of the design and the size of the vinyl.

Compared to other advertising mediums, a fleet vehicle wrap is considered a cost-effective marketing tool

According to a 2008 study by 3M, fleet graphics have the lowest average cost-per-thousand impressions (48 cents) and cost of equivalent daily effective circulation ($30,000). In addition to fleet graphics, this three-month study in San Francisco looked at six other different advertising mediums: television, magazine, newspaper, prime-time television, radio, and outdoor.

When looking at the cost-per-thousand impressions, television had the highest at $23.70, followed by magazine ($21.46), newspaper ($19.70), prime-time television ($18.15), radio ($7.75), and outdoor ($3.56), according to the study.

“There is nothing comparable in terms of affordability,” says Scott. “You are paying to wrap your vehicle once and it could be on there for seven years.”

Vehicle Wraps Break Even Calculator Riveting Wraps

Design and Messaging

Clear, attention getting, persuasive communication should be the objective of every vehicle wrap design.  The design is at the core of successful fleet graphics that ensure the your message is delivered. 


Your target audience, brand characteristics, budget, goals, and campaign consistency are essential elements when designing effective fleet wraps and graphics.

There are also brand attributes that must be included in the design to help potential customers connect with your unique business.


Riveting_Wraps_national_franchise_fleet_graphicsThe design of fleet wraps and graphics can be classified into four types: logo and lettering, partial wrap, full wrap, and rear window graphics. While the selection among these options may be driven by budget considerations, each of these fleet graphics design must take on the important role of communicating brand messages to the targeted audiences. Riveting Wraps' detail-oriented designs can adapt your fleet wraps and graphics design to different models of vehicles to maintain a consistent presentation of your brand.

Renton WA box truck wrap by Riveting Wraps

Fleet Logo & Lettering

Riveting Wraps Electrical Contractor Van Wrap for Schwab Electric Nissan NV Van Puyallup WA

Fleet Partial Wrap 

Chevy Express van wrap design and installation by Riveting Wraps Bellevue Seattle WA

Fleet Full Wrap 

Riveting Wrap sCustom Kia Soul Wrap for Techfly Phoenix AZ

Rear Window Graphics 


The process which fleet wraps and graphics start from zero to completion goes as follow:


The whole fabrication procedure can be broken down into three steps: material selection, printing & laminating, and cutting. Precise production planning, along with professional installation techniques, guarantee the best visual communications on fleet vehicle wraps.


Material Selection

Depending on the duration of the graphic and presentation requirements, Riveting Wraps select the most appropriate material for our fleet vehicle wraps and graphics. Cast vinyls, the premium grade vinyl material known for its quality and durability, are used to produce vibrant and long-lasting graphics. Matte finish, gloss finish, and specialty materials are available to accommodate to our clients' special branding needs.

Printing and Laminating

Riveting Wraps' in-house wide format HP latex printer does all the printing of our fleet wraps and graphics. Latex printing is a solvent-free printing method that releases no toxic substances. Not only that it is more environmentally friendly than solvent printing, but also more efficient as it requires no waiting time for lamination. Lamination is the added protection layer to vinyl graphics to reinforce its vibrancy and durability.

custom vehicle wrap printing for Big Block Brewery Sammamish WA Riveting Wraps.jpg

Precision Cutting

Before the graphics are ready for installation, they have to be cut and trimmed to fit the dimensions of the vehicle. Riveting Wraps' in-house digital cutter precisely carves out the graphics as programmed. Weeding is the procedure to remove the unwanted trims and borders from the cut-out vinyl graphics. These steps are necessary preparations for a smooth installation. 


Professional installation is the key to prolong the life span of fleet wraps and graphics. The sophisticated craftsmanship prevents abrasion and enable the vinyl material to fully adhere to the vehicle surface. Installation can take place in Riveting Wraps' studio or other appropriate locations that's convenient for you. After applying the graphics, a certain amount of time is required for the vinyl material to cure and set on the vehicle.

Riveting Wraps cosplay vehicle graphics Seattle WA Jurassic Park.jpg

Graphics Care

Taking Care of Your Investment

Once your graphics are installed, taking proper care of them can extend their longevity. The condition of your fleet vehicle graphics has a positive correlation with the impressions viewers perceive about your brand.

Vinyl wraps that are not properly cared for can lead to premature failure or stains in the vinyl surface (learn more about the consequences of a dirty fleet wrap). Proper maintenance practices include the following:

  • Washing the vehicle once a week
  • Avoiding strong chemicals and waxes.  
  • Cleaning off road debris like salt and ice quickly to avoid scratches and scuffs
  • Parking vehicles indoors when possible to protect them from the elements and damaging UV rays

For additional information on caring for your vehicle wraps and graphics, check out Riveting Wraps' fleet graphics cleaning checklist.

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Discover What Your Fleet Wraps And Graphics Can Do For Your Business And Brand!

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