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The Basics

Bite_Squad_Food_Delivery_Fleet_Wraps_Riveting_Wraps_Bellevue_WANational and local franchises operate professional fleet through their franchisees supporting the business operation and transportation. A franchise fleet might consists of sedans, vans, and trucks depending on the business' nature and needs. What's common with all these vehicles is that they deliver advertising with custom franchise wraps and graphics - like a large ad campaign. These campaign graphics present the franchise' brand name, logo, character, contact information, and products and services of the franchise. Franchise wraps and graphics are the uniforms for the franchise's fleet vehicles.

Vehicle wraps are a strong advertising media for franchises. Their consistent appearances in the communities the franchise serves achieve the effective frequency consumers need to be exposed to an advertising message before acting upon it. For vehicle wraps and graphics, it can take several encounters before the viewers may recall and contact your business for service. And each of the following encounters reinforces the built-in impression of the franchise wrap for the viewers which become prospects, leads, and customers.  

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"98% audiences said vehicle graphics create positive image for the company."

– American Trucking Association


Learn more about franchise vehicle wraps, including its benefits, costs and return on investment, design, fabrication, and care in the following. 


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Franchise vehicle wraps and graphics are vehicle graphics with a consistent designs applied to different vehicle types including sedans, vans, trucks, etc.. 




All franchise wraps and graphics should be produced with premium cast vinyl material and laminated for durable and long-lasting advertising.


Since franchise vehicles are commercial vehicles, the franchise wraps and graphics qualify as tax deductible items. (Please consult your accountant)


Content, consistency, condition, and communication are the four aspects of fleet and franchise graphics management




 Unlike cold calling, franchise wraps and graphics are a non-disruptive advertising positively arousing prospects' interests. 




Leased vehicles are the most frequently wrapped vehicles Review your lease contract for your terms and conditions.  


Communication is the key to success for a franchise vehicle wrap project. Close coordination between the franchiser, franchisee and the wrap studio determines the effective and efficient project outcome. 


A reputable wrap company will communicate well and manage the project from planning, design, production, through installation. 


Regular maintenance and cleaning for franchise wraps can extend its life span and ensure the brand endorsed looks good at all times.

Costs and ROIs

A franchise fleet can be made up of different vehicle types such as sedans, trucks, trailers, and vans. The costs of these vehicle wraps and graphics vary depending on the size and complexity of the design ranging from several hundred dollars to thousands. Because of the synergy from the consistent branding as a national franchise fleet, the effectiveness of franchise vehicle wraps multiplied significantly relative to a single vehicle wrap. 


Brand awareness and reinforcement, sales stimulation, customer growth and retention, and a positive impression, these are some of the returns on investments vehicle wraps and graphics deliver. Costing only $0.77 per thousand impressions for a single vehicle wrap and $0.48 per thousand impressions for a franchise fleet wrap, vehicle advertising is the most cost effective media compared to TV, magazine, newspaper, radio, and other media. A research by the American Trucking Association discovered the below findings supporting the effectiveness of vehicle advertising:

  • 96% of survey respondents notice truck side advertisements
  • 75% of survey respondents develop impression about the advertised brand and offering
  • 98% of survey respondents said that the vehicle graphics create positive image for the company and brand advertised
  • 29% of survey respondents would make purchase based on the vehicle ad they saw

Vehicle Wraps Break Even Calculator Riveting WrapsThese findings show that vehicle wraps and graphics are an ideal advertising alternative for national franchises. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, fleet advertising raises brand name recognition 15 times greater than other forms of advertising.   But don't take our word for it.  Use our Break-Even Calculator to determine if vehicle wraps and graphics will provide a positive return for your business.


Design and Messaging

Consistency is the most important thing for franchise wraps and graphics. The design and messaging has to be consistent among the franchise fleet and its different vehicle types and adhere to the franchise branding guidelines. The same business name, brand logo and character, specialty, accomplishment, and contact are the essential contents for audiences to recognize the franchise.

Although it is common individual franchisee's to own different types of vehicles, the franchise can still be easily identified by the same design of franchise wraps and graphics. A franchise wrap's design is created based on these five considerations: brand characteristics, budget, goals, consistency, and the target audiences. An effective vehicle wrap design can instantly capture audiences' attentions and enable them to grasp the ad's information during their brief encounter. Check out below to see how franchise wrap design can be adapted to different vehicle makes and models.


The production execution of franchise wraps and graphics is only slightly different from regular vehicle wraps and graphics. It goes through the same procedures from design, fabrication, schedule, installation.Franchise_wraps_process_riveting_wraps_bellevue_seattle_redmond_kent_wa

The fabrication of franchise vehicle graphics began with material selection, printing and lamination, material preparation, and finally, installation. However, the design will need to be approved or may be provided directly from the franchise company.  Some franchises allow the graphics design and production to be handled locally, while others prefer to keep close tabs on design details and color management by working centrally with a single vehicle wrap company.  A strong branding guideline is key to success either way.  A professionally managed vehicle wrap studio can manage the project across multiple states and cities, breaking through geographical barriers - providing quality assurance to the franchiser and an easy process for the franchisee. 


Material Selection

Cast vinyl is the preferred material for franchise wraps and graphics. Cast vinyl is specifically formulated to conform the complexity of a vehicle's complex contours and curves while also offering long term durability.  The vinyl's durability and wide range of color options make it ideal for the franchise's branding needs and their vehicles' heavy duty use. The manufacturing method of the vinyl makes it UV resistant ensuring its vibrant colors and flexible to conform to the complex surfaces of vehicles. Being consistent on the material selected is fundamental for franchise wraps and graphics to present an undeviating image.

Printing and Laminating

From small images on screens to giant graphics on vinyls, the franchise wrap and graphics are brought to life using a wide format printer. Latex ink does not release any toxic substances, making the graphics safe and environmentally friendly. After printing, the graphics are laminated through the laminator to add a layer of protection that resists abrasion, scratches, and UV rays. The durable material, the quality printing, and the protective laminate maintain the longevity of the graphics and a great image of the brand endorsed.

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Material Preparation

The printed and laminated graphics have to be prepped before they can be installed on the vehicle. The regular preparation procedures include cutting and removing the unnecessary vinyl borders and trims. A digital cutter is programmed to carve out the shape of the graphics in accordance with the design or the vehicle panels' dimensions. For national franchises that need their graphics shipped to different locations for installation, wrap kit will be compiled to communicate with the installer to guarantee consistent results.


With the conditions fulfilled, installation can happen outside the vehicle wrap studio in locations convenient for the franchise. A spacious, clean, and bright environment with controlled temperature is ideal for vehicle wrap installation. If the franchise vehicles locate in other cities and states, Riveting Wraps can manage the project from planning through installation by coordinating with our network of Certified Installers across the country. 

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Graphics Management

With the franchise graphics installed, what's next is to manage this professional fleet of vehicle advertisement. Content, consistent, condition, and communication are the four guidelines that help fleet managers manage their vehicle graphics. 


Ensure that all the franchise graphics have the most updated and correct information about the company.


All the vehicles in the fleet should have wraps and graphics that are coherent in representing the brand they endorse.


A franchise vehicle with dirty or damaged wraps and graphics undermine the pristine impressions of the brand.


Make sure that the franchise vehicle wraps and graphics communicate with both internal and external customers. 

Graphics Care

car washRegular care and maintenance are necessary for the upkeeping of both the wrap condition and brand image. Routine cleaning and caring extends the life span of franchise wraps and graphics and prevent unwanted damages to the advertised brand and vehicle graphics. Here are some tips for caring and maintaining franchise fleet wraps and graphics:

   Wash the vehicles once a week

   Remove road debris like salt and ice immediately to prevent scratches and scuff marks

✔   Use gentle cleaning chemicals and waxes

✔   Park the vehicles indoor if possible to protect the graphics from UV rays and extreme weather conditions

For more about franchise vehicle graphics cleaning, check out Riveting Wraps' Spring Cleaning checklist



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