5 Questions to Ask
Any Vehicle Wrap Company

5 Questions to Ask Before You Wrap

Knowing the basics about vehicle wraps and graphics
can save you more than just money

 Ask these 5 important questions before you choose your vehicle wrap company


What Type of Vinyl do You Use?

Don't risk your investment.
All vinyls are not created equal.


  • We use only best-in-class 3M and Avery vinyl designed specifically for vehicle wraps. 

  • 3M and Avery premium wrap vinyls are precisely formulated for a smooth clean installation, long term conformity to complex vehicle curves, and clean, damage-free removal within the warranty period.

  • Learn More - it's worth it


Do You Laminate Your Graphics?

Protect Your Graphics.
                             It's Your Brand. Keep it Looking Great


  • We use only best-in-class 3M and Avery vinyl laminates design specifically for vehicle wraps. 

  • 3M and Avery premium wrap vinyl laminates are precisely formulated for protect your printed graphics from UV fading and abrasion to keep your wraps and graphics looking great.

  • Learn More - you'll be glad you did


What is Your Experience?

Look for a Proven Track Record.
Certified Installation Leadership Ensures Best Practices.



  • Our team has been wrapping vehicles for over 20 years. 

  • Our lead installer is vehicle wrap certified and oversees training and quality of all our vehicle wraps and graphics installations.

  • Our team experience includes designing, producing, installing and coordinating fleet wraps and graphics for:
    • Local and national fleets
    • Top national brands - McDonalds, ZipCar, Pop Chips
    • International events - Olympic Games Fleet Graphics
    • High profile vehicles - the Seattle Monorail
    • First Responder & Law Enforcement Fleets - Renton Police Department, Bothell Police Department
    • Franchise, Independent Business, Transit and Governmental Fleets and Vehicles
  • Learn More - about why experience and skilled installation matters


Do You Warranty Your Graphics?

Reputable Companies Stand Behind Their Work.
Have It In Writing


  • By adhering to the standards set by 3M and Avery for proper printing, laminating and installation of their vehicle graphics material we are able to honor the 3M or Avery materials warranty for all our clients.  See details here.

  • You take proper care of your installed graphics and we'll take care of you with our one year installation warranty.

  • Learn More - about what to look for.


How Will You Manage My Projects?

Minimize the Time Your Vehicle is Out of Service
Understand Their Process.


  • This is a collaborative process.  We keep you in the loop every step of the way so you always know what to expect and when to expect it. 

  • Our process is designed to minimize the time your vehicles are out of service.

  • Learn More - about what to expect

We're Here to Help, Just Let Us Know How

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