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by Yuki Chan on September 7, 2016
Riveting Wraps has experience working with contractors, all of which make good use of their vehicles to promote their business and services during their work day. Aguiar Pavers, for one, wrapped their Chevy Express van with beautiful photography featuring their core service offerings, paving and artificial grass installation.

Van Graphics Effectively Promote Offerings

Riveting_Wraps_constractor_van_wrap_installation_Bellevue_Seattle_Eastside.jpgAguiar Pavers is a Bellevue contractor that helps home owners decorate their driveway, backyard, patio, garden, pool deck, or yard with their expertise in hardscape. For a local business, the use of vehicle marketing is the best way to connect with their prospective clients and establish themselves as a reputable expert in the local neighborhood. When the pavers travel around the Greater Seattle Area for appointments, their wrapped vehicles constantly make impressions to its viewers, raising viewers' awareness of the Aguiar Pavers brand and its service offerings.

Having a highly recognizable vehicle graphics design absolutely increases the marketing effectiveness of a vehicle. Aguiar Pavers' Chevy Express van graphics is designed with only a few simple items: a blue sky, some trees, a pavement, and some grass. The overall blue and green color structure created an appealing image that attracts attention and features services offered. The image featured on the van wrap not only succinctly compiled all the services and products of Aguiar Pavers, it also showed the contractor's work quality, enabling their prospective clients to envision the transformation Aguiar Pavers can bring to their property.

Quality Products And Services That Give You A Peace Of Mind

vinyl_contractor_van_graphics_Riveting_Wraps_Seattle_Bellevue_King_County.jpgPaying a close attention to the service van vehicle wrap, it states the contact information, mission statement, and service promise of the professional paver. Its service promise, "A Perfect Green," emphasizes in the benefits of artificial grass, how it maintains itself in a perfect condition with no care needed. To assure customers with the quality of their work, Aguiar Pavers offers a 20 year limited warranty for all their installation works.

Just like Aguiar Pavers' artificial green grass, Riveting Wraps is confident in the durability of our vehicle graphics and its ability to stay in a pristine condition. Printed on quality 3M cast vinyl material, the wrap is being laminated to protect its original colors from damages due to weathering. Prior to the installation, the van was properly cleaned to remove all dirt particles. This is an essential step for a vehicle wrap to fully adhere to the van surface. All vehicle graphics and wraps produced by Riveting Wraps are destined to add value to our clients' businesses, representing them in the best image at all times and all places. 

A Vehicle Marketing Solution For You

New Call-to-actionRiveting Wraps specializes in both vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics, two different graphics presentation on vehicles that can be tailored to fit the required business purposes. When wrapping the whole vehicle, the rear window, an area that gains a significant number of views from the vehicles that follow after, uses a perforated adhesive vinyl to display the graphics. This way, drivers' visions will not be blocked while the vehicle present a completed image of the vehicle wrap. See Riveting Wraps' Portfolio for more impressive wraps and graphics. 

Put graphics on your vehicles to maximize the values it deliver for your business. Call Riveting Wraps at (425) 368-5007 or email us at for accountable Bellevue vehicle wrapping services.  

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