Another Happy Client On The Move with New Box Truck Wrap - Sammamish WA

by Deborah Scott on August 8, 2017

Riveting Wraps Custom Box Truck Wrap Bellevue Seattle WA.jpgIt's fair to say we have tag line envy.  "Another Happy Client On The Move" is the perfect tag line for this Sammamish WA Realtor offering this truck free of charge to their clients.  We hope that the same applies to our clients as they drive away with a newly wrapped vehicle. :-) It was certainly the case for The Cory Brandt Group - ReMax.

A Clever Idea Advertised In the Perfect Way

Riveting Wraps Box Truck Wrap installation Seattle Bellevue WA.jpg

The Cory Brandt Group can tick off multiple objectives achieved with this box truck wrap.

number_1_V2.png They advertise their brand and business on the go. (of course!)

number_2.png They build good will and positive word of mouth with this brilliant promotional use of a box truck for their clients.  When their clients purchase home the have free use of this truck for their move.

number_3.png When their clients drive the truck, they are spreading a message to their old and new neighbors alike- for free!  That beats a guy spinning a sign on the street corner any day!

number_4.png When not in use, this beautifully wrapped truck is the perfect candidate for Parketing 24/7 in targeted locations.  And this real estate team has the marketing savvy to maximize this truck at every turn. (yep, really bad pun there)

Box Truck Wraps - The Choice of Vinyl Matters

Many sign focused companies look at a box truck and see a flat surface like a sign.  By doing so, they often draw the wrong conclusion about which type of vinyl (there are actually many with a wide range of prices and quality) is best to wrap a box truck for high quality long term results.  box truck wrap detail Riveting Wraps.jpgA closer inspection (see photo) reveals a variety of surface complexities including rivets, body panels, and even dents and damage for trucks that have been around for awhile.  

For this truck we choose a high end cast long term vehicle wrap vinyl with a cast vinyl over-laminate.  Using a cast vinyl ensures proper conformity around the rivets and other complexities on the vehicle surface.   If you are having a box truck wrapped, be sure to verify the proper vinyl selection before you buy.  A calendared vinyl is significantly less expensive up front, but you may pay the price the the long run as it tents and lifts around the rivets and then cracks and fails. 

So - Is Cory Brandt Group "Another Happy Client on The Move"?

Indeed they are. 

"After working with a company that couldn't fit us in for months - they got us a quote immediately and scheduled us within two weeks. We had a few complicated issues because of our truck and they still took on the project and it turned out looking fantastic! Thank's so much, we will be back!"

Custom Box Truck Wraps & Graphics Drive the Message Home  (get it?!)

New Call-to-actionTake advantage of every opportunity you can to economically promote your brand and business in your market.  By doing so you are leveraging the power of a your brand to drive business growth.   See more examples on Riveting Wraps' Portfolio.   Check out another moving company box truck wraps here.  

Beginning with vehicle graphics that have quality design, material, and installation, your commercial vehicle is ready for its marketing journey. Get some help at Riveting Wraps by calling us at (425) 368-5007 or email us at 

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