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by Yuki Chan on February 20, 2017

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Delivering fresh fruits to different offices and businesses, Apple-A-Day established a fleet to fulfill their orders promptly. As their fleet expands to align with customer demands, Riveting Wraps is honored to be Apple-A-Day's professional fleet graphics manager, wrapping all the vehicles in their fleet. Their newest addition is a Ford E150 cargo van with van graphics consistent to the rest of the fleet

On-Time Delivery As A Promised Service

Apple a Day Ford E-150 vehicle graphics Riveting Wraps 2.jpgNo matter what industry a business is in, "promise" and "guarantee" are two important factors that dictate its reputation, whether it is reliable and trustworthy or irresponsible and horrible to work with. At Apple-A-Day, it makes a promise to deliver fresh and in-season fruits to their customers based on the designated subscription frequency. Providing services from Western Washington through Eastern Washington, one vehicle is definitely not enough for Apple-A-Day to fulfill all orders in a timely manner. The fruit delivery service providers' fleet of delivery vans are entrusted with the important task to promptly arrive at customers' doors all the while keeping the products in a pristine condition throughout the transportation process.

As a professional vehicle graphics producer and installer, Riveting Wraps understands how important it is to present a promised work on time with an as guaranteed quality. Any delays or mistakes can cause our client additional vehicle down time, causing loss to their businesses. In fact, Riveting Wraps had even worked with clients that come to us after a failed service experience at other vehicle wrap company. Our policy is to never surprise our clients with disappointments, but we strive to exceed their satisfaction by offering exactly what they want and what they need. 

Delivery Van Graphics Yield Instant Awareness

Apple-A-Day's sprinter van graphics are very easy to recognize and highly memorable! The vibrant red apples and the bright sun from Apple-A-Day's logo create a very positive and healthy image of their brand. It is not very likely that you will see "big apples" being driven around on any streets and highways. It would be irresistible for anyone, including drivers (click to see if your business is something drivers think about when they are commuting) and passersby, not notice the Apple-A-Day fleet. With a consistent vehicle graphics design on their fleet, it generated a form of identification for Apple-A-Day. The highly recognizable graphics help acknowledge customers the arrival of their delivery. Instead of a plain white van with no branding, the addition of Apple-A-Day's brand character on the van is for sure a customer delight that brings anticipation and excitement.

New Call-to-actionVehicle wraps and graphics are effective tools that prepare you to impress your prospective customers at anytime and anywhere. See how other businesses multi-task their fleet. For more information, give Riveting Wraps a call at a call at (425) 368-5007 or send us an email at

  • Apple a Day Ford E-150 vehicle graphics Riveting Wraps 1.jpg
  • Apple a Day Ford E-150 vehicle graphics Riveting Wraps 2.jpg
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  • Apple a Day Ford E-150 vehicle graphics Riveting Wraps 5-1.jpg

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