Builder Adds Nissan NV 200 Fleet Graphics - Bellevue, WA

by Yuki Chan on February 21, 2017


Astoria Construction is a local construction contractor that offers roofing and remodeling services. As the residential builder's vehicle marketing executor, Riveting Wraps has been witnessing Astoria Construction's growth through its constantly expanding fleet and seeing it make achievements with the vehicle graphics we installed for them.

Effectiveness Of Fleet Graphics Accredited

"In just a couple of months, I was able to contract two large jobs just by driving my vehicles on the streets with the graphics on them."

Dan Kis – the owner and manager of Astoria Construction

Seattle_Bellevue_King_County_contractor_van_vinyl_graphics_Riveting_Wraps.jpgVehicle wraps and graphics are a form of investment and asset that businesses would expect to see returns, in terms of brand awareness, sales increase, and professional image, etc.. Riveting Wraps is very happy and satisfied that the fleet graphics we installed for Astoria Construction bring actual and significant returns to their business as we anticipate our vehicle graphics to be value-adding to our clients' businesses.

When vehicle graphics are carefully designed with the right information, there's no way for it not to drive positive outcomes. For instance, the American Truck Association has pointed out that trucks with graphics can create up to 16 millions of impressions inside the city in a year. And it is Riveting Wraps' mission to assure that these impressions are a direct translation of our clients' unique values and competent professionalism. 

Simple And Productive Graphics For A Fleet

Seattle_Bellevue_Riveting_Wraps_contractor_Nissan_NV_200_vinyl_graphics.jpgThe design of Astoria Construction's fleet graphics is very neat, with its orange and black brand colors contrasted on the original white paint of their Chevy sprinter van. Not only a Chevy, we also installed the same sprinter van graphics on a Nissan NV200 van. Riveting Wraps' designer team took the extra step to adapt the design on a template of the van to ensure the best visual presentation and a custom fit. Safety is another important factor that Riveting Wraps concerns as much as our graphics' marketing impact. In order not to block the drivers' view on the rear window, perforated adhesive vinyl were used. This way, the rear window graphics can showcase Astoria Construction's branding to the drivers that follow after their fleet. 

In addition to sprinter vans, Riveting Wraps also wrapped a trailer that is hauled by the Astoria Construction fleet. This trailer increases the sprinter van's capacity to hold more tools and equipment and reinforces Astoria Construction's branding and service offerings to its fellow viewers.

Solution Tailored To Your Business Needs

New Call-to-actionEvery fleet is unique, because they have vehicle wraps and graphics that carry on the special values of a brand to help differentiate them. What Riveting Wraps enjoys in this line of work is that we get to know many different great businesses and the interesting and meaningful story behind their brands. Learn about them via our Portfolio

The custom design, fabrication, and installation services Riveting Wraps offers can match your business needs and fulfill your marketing goals. Share with us your brand story, give us a call at (425) 368-5007 or send us an email at Our team is ready to assist you. 

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