AV Smart Solutions Ford E250 Service Van Wrap | Kirkland, WA

by Yuki Chan on April 28, 2020


AV Smart Solutions and their Ford E250 van are ready to provide audio and visual assistance to new clients. They choose Riveting Wraps for their custom service van wrap design, production, and installation.

Residential And Commercial AV Systems Management

With technological advancement, audio and visual systems are in demand for both leisure and professional use. The team at AV Smart Solutions established the business to provide systems support and management services for residential, hospitality, and commercial clients. AV Smart Solutions' experienced engineers and project managers can now attend appointments with their brand new wrapped service van.

AV Service Van Wrap With Marketing Effectiveness


For new businesses like AV Smart Solutions, raising brand awareness to drive inquiries and attract prospects and leads is important. Vehicle advertising is a cost-effective marketing channel for a new brand to be seen in communities where the business' targeted customers are located at. As the Av Smart Solutions team commutes from one appointment location to another within its service region, impressions of the AV company's brand are intensified with the frequent encounters of their branded vehicle (learn more about the mere exposure effect). Along with a high recall rate, conversions are guaranteed from the vehicle marketing, making it an ideal productive advertising media for business on a budget.


When AV Smart Solutions arrives at client's locations to deliver audio and visual support, their service van wrap presents a professional and sophisticated image. The ability to showcase friendliness and reliability in its service elements is crucial for a service provider. Being a prominent physical evidence that is certain to be noticed by clients during service delivery, AV Smart Solutions' Ford E250 Van wrap seized the opportunity to impress clients right from the beginning.

Flexible Van Wrap Design Prepared For Business Growth

The 2008 Ford E250 van in this project is AV Smart Solutions' first service vehicle. Riveting Wraps looks forward to helping the AV company wrap more vehicles as they grow and expand. By getting their service van wrap done right the first time, this van wrap design can be set as a standard for all future AV service fleet wraps. Grow your business with vehicle wraps, find out how fleet graphics nurture business growth.

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Check out Riveting Wraps' Portfolio for more van wraps and service vehicle wraps. Let our graphics experts execute your branding to the fullest extent. Give Riveting Wraps a call at (425) 368-5007 or email us at hello@rivetingwraps.com

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